Poppy Romance: Attitude Is Everything

Hello my beloved readers,

attitude is everything: for good, bad and if it is about turning one into the other. So it happens that in pre-summer we celebrate the poppy-romance.

Poppies… poppies everywhere… a majorly celebrated trend… is that really necessary?

I usually love flowers. My life as well as my whole lifestyle is dominated by the beauties of nature but just like with women, beauty is not all in life I am interested in the meaning of flowers. So it happened to be that once in the past four years when I received poppies from my brother I got to know that the poppyseeds they are bearing in their center functions as narcotic agent what for the flower is declared to symbolise death. That was the time when I started to distance myself from this flower thinking that this could not actually have been the intention of my usually so attentive brother.

And it was not. Because when poppies are given to someone by someone as gift the intention is to give this someone comfort. This rather looks like my brother.
Talking about him and these flowers I remember that in his childhood he was doing very hard talking about death, already hearing about a death made him fall into a horrible fear. That was then. Meanwhile he finds it necessary to talk about death. This is now. I experienced it on my own skin not even half a year ago. Our dog died and ever since and despite additional burden on my shoulders and nevertheless I had some beautiful hours too I had lived in the constant panic fear of losing someone dear to me. I have overcome this fear when he forced me to talk my feelings out thus the bitter tears. Do you know what the result of this incident was? I defeated my fear and I got over it. Yes, I still think he should not have died and yes, I miss him, badly, but life goes on with him being our guardian angel.

“Whether the outer influences given are good or bad ones, […] it is up to us what it is going to do with us in the long term.”

The moral of the story? Attitude is everything. Whether the outer influences given are good or bad ones and whether the famous first hot-headed reaction might be right or wrong it is up to us what everything you get in touch with is going to do with us in the long term. What matters is attitude. We all have it the active (strong) way or the passive (weak) way but the very few of us are actually making use of it and even less of it make a correct use of it. If you have a strong attitude you are respected, reverent and admired because others will know you are on the ball. If we hear about a girl, boy, man or woman with attitude we already know, this type brings it on and leads the show – or in the means of fashion, the world of fashion.
Everyone of us is familiar with the famous metaphor about the glass which can be regarded half-full or simply half-empty, but this story about the attitude is going deeper. Our attitude towards our surroundings can influence our life, our willingness and hit the people in our life but furthermore it is going to influence our whole self upon the decision of living a happy or an unhappy life. That is connected to stop living or stagnate at living and start living or living on and on, for the day as if each one could be your last. Somewhere it cross over the struggle of security and freedom. You can live for the direction towards a goal once in a while but you can make each moment a huge achievement. So we can regard the poppy as death note of self-isolation or as comfort that reminds us to stay strong and keep or start living.
Your attitude is nothing necessary to work on it is something you can control and switch like a machine even if you need an impulse as help.

Last but not least: one day, it might be too late and then I believe you do not want to lie in your deathbed longing for and regretting what you missed in your life if you get the chance to think of that.

Poppy: Red and Black Summer Edition

Red and black is usually popular to be worn in the cold days of winter in addition to the Christmas time.

Also the Remembrance Day for which the poppy is taken as symbol to remember the numerous nameless soldiers who had fallen in World War I is taking place in November.

But as the flower is usually blooming in midsummer from July to September it is establishing ahead, proving its beauty and convincing as summer trend to see the bright side of life as the poppy when given as gift from one to one another is meant to comfort the one gifted.

Whoever is unsure to wear the flower itself can wear the colors instead and like this remember of the poppy with red on top and black on the bottom.

Poppy trend in red and blackPoppy trend in red and blackPoppy trend in red and blackPoppy trend in red and blackPoppy trend in red and blackPoppy trend in red and black

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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