The Seven-Year-Itch – Happy Birthday Fall4Me!

Hello my dearly beloved loyal readership,

happy birthday, Fall4Me! If you survive the seven-year-itch, so they say, something will last a lifetime. I take this occasion to remind the world what it means to be a fashion blogger. A statement – sealed with a kiss.

It is easy to call yourself something – especially towards an audience that does neither know you nor does it intend to question.

You can guess it, I am talking about the phenomenon of so called… ‘Instagram-Bloggers’ let go ‘having a blog on Instagram’ … #fashionblogger? Say what?! Has no one taught you not to lie? Have you not ever read about the advice to choose your hashtags wisely? Since when is the social media platform Instagram a blog at all?

In my days Instagram used to be a means for the purpose namely to reach a wider audience of readers for your articles on your blog.

It is true that since social media has taken over no one considers it necessary to question further but has the majority seriously given away its brain? The first lecture I was taught at university is that the intelligent ones question – anything anytime. In the name of every journalist and every hard-working true blogger I resist to accept Instagram-influencers (correct term but not necessarily better “sounds like influenza is in real the pest”, stand-up comedy by Comedy Central) as fashion bloggers! You want the same attention for less work – doubtlessly the world we live in but not the world I and every person who appreciates the satisfaction of relax after work want to live in.

That not enough, have you noticed… they look all the same: soft rose on top, denim or leather pants on the bottom, natural make-up, either buns or long straight hair with some fake-waves or rather curls. That is it. The worst thing about this is not the lack of creativity in the place where creativity is to be home but that these are the ones to count the highest numbers of likes and followers – regardless from the possibility to buy those numbers… Meanwhile those people do not even get ashamed of using important milestones as life such as a relationship, wedding or partenhood to gain ever more attention based on emotional fragility by the audience. 

At least the professionals of fashion industry understand me. One of them the German star-designer Guido Maria Kretschmer (as well famous for his show “Shopping Queen”). He once stated about this phenomenon while a candidate wanted to show off as “Blogger on Instagram” (trust me, I am disgusted by this term) that he does not like this. Taking a random photo writing a common philosophy (or just a random text) and thinking you are someone. He has spoken out what I have been thinking in my rage all this time.

I know I should not unnecessarily freak out and let this get too much into my heart. On the one hand because I get my attention, not in quantity but in quality from designers, models and many more fashion-enthusiasts and know my value, the work of all these years, the development year by year and the fight I have fought to be where I am today. My steps continue and my direction is: higher! Start talking once you did at least a part of work – mentally, with time-investment and everything that belongs to it.

The Parisian Way: Sealed With A Kiss

Paris – the place where fashion and romance were born. The Parisian lifestyle – dictating the rules instead of imitating. An eternally brightly burning flame.
Paris is more than a city, a capital let go a metropolis, Paris is a label. You do not have to be a store-chain in order to be(come) a label, you have to be unique and special, making people seek to follow and admire you for the way you are. But that does not mean that you can not get inspired by many various people and things to become a self-made label like Paris.

I have neither invented lipsticks, red lips nor them as trendy pattern of the season but I am certainly the one to fight for red lips – anyplace, anytime – and be brave enough to take them with me for my wedding day. Ending letters with a kiss – before I started doing that many others have done that. But I am going to take this habit to my grave. Red lips and me – a never ending romance. Certainly the French roots in me.

Like A Sailor Who Will Never Leave His Sinking Ship: Red & Navy

If you are good you can catch two birds with one stone – literary as well as in means of fashion: Navy is back for the pre-summer-season because from sailors we learn what it means to be loyal after falling in love during spring.

Once an idea was born… and even if it is not always easy – even if there are delays, even if it is not always the easiest way do not let your work drown to something new. You might be the only one recognized while the others become a flood that is going to pass with time.

Fall4Me trend two in one: red lips and blue and red and navyFall4Me trend two in one: red lips and blue and red and navyFall4Me trend two in one: red lips and blue and red and navyFall4Me trend two in one: red lips and blue and red and navyFall4Me trend two in one: red lips and blue and red and navyFall4Me trend two in one: red lips and blue and red and navyfall4me-trend-red-navyFall4Me trend two in one: red lips and blue and red and navyFall4Me trend two in one: red lips and blue and red and navyFall4Me trend two in one: red lips and blue and red and navy

My Look In Details

My name is Johanna and my label is Fall4Me! My trademark are fancy lipsticks. Anyplace, anytime.

Fashion bloggers, arise, keep going and do not give up on the easy way or the flood! Happy birthday Fall4Me! After the seven-year-itch we know that we did it!

Love, Johanna


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