Can’t Like Them All! Eurovision 2019: Semi-Final 2 – Review

Hello my beloved friends of Eurovision,

yesterday on Thursday the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 continued in the Israeli capital Tel-Aviv with the semi-final 2. Right at the beginning I was seriously thinking with sweat that I cannot like them all. Read the review here and find out if I indeed did.

The show hardly began and I could not not go into raptures about nearly everything I have seen and listened to – some more, some less but positive on the whole. My euphoria for Eurovision is so strong that husband was joking with our baby in his arms telling him that “mama is going crazy once a year” during these three days and one week of Eurovision but after that I would be becoming normal again [laugh]. But as in the show itself I want to take the hosts as example and not speak to much but let the show or rather review begin.

According To The Running Order: Country – Interpret – Impression

  1. Armenia – Srbuk “Walking Out”: Oh no! Not again these dreadlocks! Forgive me, Srbuk (and Serj, who did her hair), but I hate these dreadlocks – you look by far better without them. I think I was not the only one who noticed that she slightly failed in in the very first seconds but therefore she bombed and was on fire the rest of the song and performance. For her 25 years [year of 1994] she was absolutely sovereign, strong and just cool overload!

    The Armenian representative of Eurovision 2019 with and without dreadlocks.
    Srbuk without and with dreadlocks (r.). Source: Eurovoix, Novostie Armeniya
  2. Ireland – Sarah McTernan “22”: By far the very best stage in ages!!! I simply love this American diner retro-style in bonbon-colors, to which she had adapt the requisite as well as her outfit! Thus her deep voice she was singing beautifully. In the first seconds I was unsure about her but then I loved it!
  3. Moldova – Anna Odobescu “Stay”: I was impressed of the beautiful first painting which was shown first very big on stage with a long and loud “awww” until I realized that there is a sand-painter behind it which we have already had in 2011 with Ukraine’s representative Mika Newton. Nevertheless Odobescu was wearing a beautiful dress and for what concerns the musical aspect she has a strong voice which made the song strong, too.
  4. Switzerland – Luca Hänni “She Got Me”: A super summer dance-song like “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, the chorus made it for the song in the first place! With this flair Hänni has international potential.
  5. Latvia – Carousel “That Night”: A woman with a Wow!-voice in addition beautiful with a great style. A perfect mix of Lana Del Rey and Amy MacDonald – I find this so coo! Because of all this even though it was a calm song it was impressive!
  6. Romania – Ester Peony “On A Sunday”: My secret (no skip that, my obvious(!)) love that night (forgive me the pun Carousel). She had it all and even more: Strong from the very beginning with her beautiful voice and the fascinating control she has had over it, the most beautiful girl of the contest (apart from the cute Refali) and such a beautiful outfit with supercool style! If you think that this was it, no, it was not! The end topped it all! Right through the sheer madness!
  7. Denmark – Leonora “Love Is Forever”: First of all I must say that I love ballerinas. Leonora’s song was written by the same composer who worked on the winning song of 2013 “Only Teardrops” by Emmelie de Forest, which has brought the contest to Denmark’s capital Copenhagen the year after. A very refined and catchy song which has reminded me of the Swiss entry of 2011 from the atmosphere. The song as well as performance were very beautiful and sweet, especially the lyrics that were meant to deliver the international message of love! This was seen as she sang in multiple languages (besides from English as well German and French. Really great on the whole her colorful and bright delivery.
  8. Sweden – John Lundvik “Too Late For Love”: This guy has a great voice! He sang a classy song, in the means of timeless. You know such songs quite enough but they are never dying because you enjoy listen to such strong soul-songs again and again. On the whole this performance reminded me of the Austrian entry from last year.

  9. Austria – PÆNDA “Limits”: Oh, yes, the one with the blue hair! Not only that! She has a beautiful voice which hit every tone. On the whole she was very sovereign, but a beautiful voice only does not make it.
  10. Croatia – Roko “The Dream”: The Croation representative had taken up the slogan of the show with his song. Very impressive had been numerous angels flying over the stage. I liked this a lot because especially this year angels have a very special meaning to me so the whole song itself has been strong, meaningful, dramatic but furthermore thrilling. A glow from stage to song and performance.

    The angels from Croatia
    Source: ESC kompakt
  11. Malta – Michela “Chameleon”: I do not always like Malta in Eurovision but if I do it turns out to be one of the best acts of the night. The young and dynamite Michela brought swing and party to this year’s contest with her dance, song and the various colorful LED lights. It is suitable to the international charts of these years but outstanding in its very own way with the timeless rhythm and melody. The fact that her stage, dance and song was versatile and frequently changing and therefore took up her song’s title was just perfect!
  12. Lithuania – Jurij “Run With The Lions”: I am sure that I have heard this song already somewhere, this is what came to my mind right from second one. This made me not like the song very much because it is average, although it is beautiful nevertheless what I thought about his voice was “oh my God!”, it was amazing!
  13. Russia – Sergey Lazarev “Scream”: My girly moment(!) but this is rather because Sergey looks like my husband so the love of my life has nothing to worry. Furthermore there is a connection between us lovers to his song he performed when having his debut in Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm! The song was more dramatic and serious this time but still great thanks to his brilliant singing! Nevertheless I was a little bit disappointed as it could not reach his song song “You’re The Only One”. In comparison I even want to say that it was rather weak. “Scream” was better than many other songs but indeed a little bit tiring.
  14. Albania – Jonida Maliqi “Ktheju Tokës” [Engl.: Get Back To The Country]: Another song with a nearly political message as we have had it in the first semi final, so it is another no go for me as it tends to break the rules. What I have expected was a sweet song full of love of community and unity but what we got was a very tradition-connected folklore performance accompanied by a very dramatic and serious song. The entry was saddening and only made great by her bombastic voice.

    The Albanian representative in her folklore outfit on the stage.
    Source: Souris Plaindealer
  15. Norway – KEiiNO “Spirit In The Sky”: A group of three who could not differ more from each other and were nearly only connected by their outfits. My first positive impression came when it was told that one of the men were from Hamburg (the city I am from) but, God, the first man singing sounded bad! Therefore the girl-part was even better! On the whole a great trio – different but unite in a great way! the second man had a much better voice even if his singing might have been not according to everyone’s taste… The more I have watched their performance they have reminded me of the band from the 2000s Rednex.
  16. The Netherlands – Duncan Laurence “Arcade”: A favorite? In what way? I hardly noticed his song… monotone and tiring. Everyone can play a little bit piano but that does not make anyone a favorite. Overrated.
  17. North Macedonia – Tamara Todevska “Proud”: This woman has a deep voice which was not a benefit for her as she sounded a little bit too silent in the beginning. Even if it was a dramatic song it was not outstanding.
  18. Azerbaijan – Chingiz “Truth”: A funny idea as well as unique with these lasers! The singer delivered a supernice disco song but still I did not like his voice.

My Personal Qualifiers

What started with screams of joy turned out to be the worst crime in music history – and this after one of the best first semi finals I have seen for long. Humanity has seemingly lost his taste. Jury as well as voters – talking about voters, every time I vote for my favorites they do not pass so basically I have stopped voting. I really do not know why I have started it again.

The ten qualifiers:

  1. North Macedonia
  2. Russia
  3. Denmark
  4. Sweden
  5. Albania
  6. Malta
  7. Norway
  8. The Netherlands
  9. Azerbaijan
  10. Switzerland

The results of the second semi final have been so shocking to me that I could not even see the good in them with those acts I liked that passed. These are:

  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Malta

The ones I am still lighting a candle for:

  • Armenia
  • Ireland
  • Latvia
  • Romania (my personal winner)
  • Croatia

Countries that have truly been robbed.

Acceptable qualifiers:

  • Russia
  • Norway

Even if the best act of this year is out there is still one I am putting hope on you will know it on Sunday but until that…

I am eager to see you again – one last time this year in this occasion – tomorrow 21:00 [CET] for the Grand Final!

Love, Johanna

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