Babylove by Fall4Me: The Mommy-Blog

Hello my dearly beloved readership,

and happy Mother’s Day! With this special occasion – this year being even more special because it is as well my first Mother’s Day – I want to introduce you to the new section and  special of this blog: the mommy-blog by Fall4Me named “Babylove” is out now! Articles all about pregnancy, birth and motherhood or rather parenthood are going to await you here.

Nearly one year ago – ten months after our wedding – the assumption had arisen that I might be pregnant. After two weeks ago the test had been negative two weeks after (so in the sum four weeks after the first test) I did another one and could not believe my eyes…

2016: the beginning of our relationship – 2017: our dreamlike wedding – 2018: the pregnancy – 2019: the birth of our long-wished for son.

What a timeline!

Of course, it would have been unthinkable not to share these experiences and my endless happiness with you and  pass on the one or other advice – especially because there has as well been a Fall4Me Wedding Special so how could a Babylove by Fall4Me miss?

Other than the Wedding Special however Babylove is a journey I am taking you to which has just started for me too with no clear end – which is not necessary anyway with this stage of life.

Save the date: 15th Is For Pregnancy, 25th Is For Baby

This is going to await you in this section: Just like it has been in real I am going to follow the same chronology.

  • As the fixed date has been the 15th of February for the beginning there will be articles about pregnancy which are going to be published once a month on the 15th.
  • As this is completed all the articles starting with the birth continuing with the life as parents will be out on every 25th of a month.

The topics you are going to read about are:

  • pregnancy and pre-pregnancy
  • birth and everything around it
  • parents’ life


This is just the beginning of the mommy-blog with no end visible. If there comes something into your mind you have questions about or would like me to write an article about feel free to send your questions and request through the following ways:

and until then, let me surprise you once a month with another article from Babylove by Fall4Me.

Holding my document for expectant mothers.
Everything is starting with this document. © 2019 Fall4Me

Love, Johanna

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