Rose & Light Grey: Attention On The Little Things

Hello my dear readers,

pastels are the neon colors of spring but shy and grey mouse combined? Not the most dominant duo. Many people do not notice things even if they are right in front of them but if you learn to take attention on the little things you are going to benefit from that.

Because of their long duration? No. Because they are an eye-catcher? Not really. Because of their popularity? Definitely not. This trend wants to make us taking attention on the little things…

“Probably the memory on one decisive detail can (…) draw the cards anew.”
– Fall4Me

Between Fear and Annoyance

It is a never ending love story: Some people take attention on every single thing and some people think that their attention is not worth everything. Let the argument triggered by criticism begin.

Otherwise it can be deterrent to people how many details and what kind of details some people are able to remember as if it has happened just one minute ago. Words, actions, pictures in front of their inner eye.

While the majority of society does not think that everything is worth its attention probably the memory on one decisive detail can change everything and draw the cards anew.

Rose & Grey: Background Players Important

If you ask me why I pay attention on every little thing (even though I assure you that there are people worse than myself) let me tell you the following: Every however little thing has its meaning and importance and worth one kind of attention and remembrance. Without it something might probably not be complete.

The irony on the other side is that even though a plenty of our fellows might be fed up with or scared of the capability of remembering everything they are the ones that are secretly longing for appreciation for their achievement and work even though it might be however natural or easy.

Rose and grey are for the shy ones who prefer to be in the background. They are tender and fragile but an agreeable resort to anyone. Probably like a nap in the wild world of fashion to catch us with their softness. This is what makes them so strong. So it is with attention on the little things. They have their meaning, they can carry the biggest things and if shown importance on their they will make you feel their strong effect.

Naildo by Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

Whatever shade or color you are looking for Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness has them all. In addition they are updating their variety of colors frequently and adapt them to the current trends. That is something I have noticed numerous times lately as I have gone there to get my nails done according to some colors of the year. This is not the case in every nail studio. Therefore I appreciate Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness in particular. They are taking very good care of the quality in their studio.

Nailart in rose and light greyNailart in rose and light grey

Love, Johanna

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