Shades Of Denim: Stuck & Developed

Hello my beloved readership,

a new era for shades of denim is combining different shades with metallic accents: a statement. The classic new invented opens the mirror for people being stuck and developed.

Obvious things are easier and quicker figured out from the outside rather than if you are concerned yourself because once you are emotionally driven you lose the view for the truth. Does this make us mean liars? Not necessarily. It is in the nature of humans that false pride makes us tend to lie as we support ourselves on these lies or rather these untruths especially when it is about admitting something towards or concerning someone we feel moroseness about.

Why I choose my words so carefully and prudent? Because “lies” and “hate” are not the correct terms. At least not in my case and I bet as well not in yours. I love someone but in the same time I feel like I used to enjoy to get on at this person. Natural siblings-love? If yes I definitely did not wanted to be treated this way, never ever(!) and as my mantra is to treat people the way you yourself want to be treated this was the time when I started wondering what disturbs me about this person. A few days ago I realized as I remembered, it was not the first time I treated a person I feel about the same way this way. Power play? No, not intentionally. Lack of attention? Not exactly. Unfulfilled expectations? I stopped putting high expectations on people looong ago. Jealousy? Yes, certainly, combined with kind of my common fear of losing someone special to me and the realization that every time I seriously fear something this fear becomes real.

“There is one difference: I grew up one day.”
– Fall4Me

I took a step back and looked at everything from a distance throwing all my negative emotions away for one minute. That was the moment when my inner mirror opened up and I saw this person while I was standing on the other side. We are not necessarily different – we are exactly the same – but we are simply not on the same level. This person reminds me of myself, when I look at this person I see me, probably at the age of ten. That is where there is one difference: I grew up one day. There have been embarrassing wake-up calls up to one stroke of fate after the other and last but not least person for person on and with which I grew. Every person in my life was a lecture and still is. Every situation made develop further and become a better version of myself – at least insofar that I am satisfied with myself and in the retrospective. I have developed.
Some others have not. Seeming so close to be but fall back to be far behind and I have not been wrong with my assumption. There has to be a will, there has to be a realization, yes, there also has to be sink in suffer to make you come out of your comfort zone and the openness for the new and strange to develop further and the courage to dare something unusual, unexpected but right. If the whole world turns around you and only you or not even you and you lose yourself to the loud ones – because the right way is not always the comfortable way and the loud ones are not always the right ones – you get stuck.

New Denim on Denim: Differently The Same

Like denim on denim in different shades make up pretty well with each other you can make up just as well with someone not as far as you. The cold metallic accents in this new futuristic trend of spring can as well symbolize that the duo of this bond is unbreakable once you bring it together. What is unusual to your new partner can still be taught for good by you and who could understand “your young self” better than you yourself? Even if stuck one seems rebellious just out of principle towards you it will follow your good advises certainly secretly but you will find out and be shocked of disappointment that the person did not agree right away and refused to share the overthought actions with you but the happier you are going to be in the long term. The recipe for success is to let the stuck one make own decisions and be there with comprehension if you are needed kind of like a goal-keeper as last man to give protection. Denim – no matter of what shade – is still a classy piece and a one-man-show but brought together in harmony it is worth a whole celebration.

Denim on denim in different shades with silver, light grey and red lipsDenim on denim in different shades with silver, light grey and red lipsDenim on denim in different shades with silver, light grey and red lipsDenim on denim in different shades with silver, light grey and red lipsDenim on denim in different shades with silver, light grey and red lipsDenim on denim in different shades with silver, light grey and red lips

My Look in Details:

Love, Johanna

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