Trench Attitude: 100% Feminine Elegance

Hello my beloved readers,

the essential it-piece of April and rainy spring days was given a completely new character: the trench attitude calls out for 100 per cent feminine elegance and reminds us of fabulous it is to be a lady throughout. See in the following the reinvention of the trench coat.

Dresses and tights, high heels and handbags, lipsticks and long hair; men love feminine symbols about women, mothers love feminine symbols, fathers do, aunties, grandparents and even little girls when looking up at grown-up real life “dolls”. An infamous yet fearless wonder woman is cooler than police allows but it is time for us women to regain the sweet taste of being a lady and love about ourselves what others have loved and keep loving about us. The first step to charm the female way is to turn a very male item into an elegant feminine it-piece suitable for an everyday-life-outfit. For April let us take the trench coat and wear it as a dress of combine it with typical female essentials such as ribbons or turn it into a useful dress. The trench attitude is what you make out of it to maintain the lady in you.

“It does not always have to be pink.”
– Fall4Me

A Little bit of a Lady is in Everyone of us

Even the toughest woman may sometimes fall into the arms of her serenity. If we were born a woman it is for a reason. Either for the tidy and well-organized mark or the emotional one or because world is missing its living beauty.  In a global world full of limitless possibilities where everyone is open for everything and every door is open and can be walked through the most different things get mixed with each and we lose the value of ourselves because we want what we cannot have thinking it is not enough what we are. However we must not throw our heritage away, it does not always have to be pink the lady in us can be expressed in many different ways and smaller of bigger there is a little bit of a lady in everyone of us women and girls because a woman has many facets. In the end we should not deny what we are but live it up and from time to time celebrate it. That would not mean that we are stuck somewhere or go back in time but it means that we are keeping the value which is getting forgotten for bad.

Classy trench coat combined with blackClassy trench coat combined with blackClassy trench coat combined with blackClassy trench coat combined with blackClassy trench coat combined with blackClassy trench coat combined with blackClassy trench coat combined with black

My Look in Details

  • Trenchcoat by Yessica/C&A
  • Ankle boots by Akira/Görtz
  • Cross over handbag by Ted Baker
  • Earrings by SIX

Love, Johanna

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