Feminine Utility – Lady Boss!

Hello my dear readers,

what used to be a a popular safari-trend of autumn has emancipated to a celebrated spring trend. The feminine utility trend combines rough olive green with soft rose and with this underlines the meaningful strength of women who have become the lady boss.

Me writing about a feminist article? While I keep saying that I cherish the classic image between men and women? Can such an article be authentic? Yes! Believe it or not – despite this viewpoint on the one hand I am considered “generally emancipated” and more important than that it is to me that I can fully develop myself along with my rough edges since I am not only that ladylike good girl but as well a dangerous, serious-to-take woman that fights as well as challenges with the determination to win and apart from that plays the role of a manager by the side of her man.

“Even the most beautiful rose is dangerous.”
– Fall4Me

Because even the most beautiful rose is dangerous. She needs to be that in order to protect what she loves and hold her kingdom together. But a lady must not forget to maintain the lady in herself. Being a boss yet being a lady do not necessarily have to exclude each other. Sadly this is something that has easily been forgotten as woman have been fighting for their rights. You can still have your pants on while being a feast for your man’s eyes. Wonder woman or lady boss – both are the all-time sexy objects of desire whereas subject is the more appropriate term.

Olive Green Playful – Now the Lady Speaks

The fanciful girlish rose gives the practical olive green which is known to be a rather rough for work and duty some kind of playfulness. Fancifully combined like this the utility was given a feminine note. A little bit female creative colorfulness in the dimmed world of work, pressure to perform and duties is like the the first sights of spring after a cold long winter.
Otherwise as the trend has emancipated so has emancipated the lady to a wonder woman who is rolling up her sleeves and rises her voice to survive in a rough world and establish her place which may find itself right in the middle of it like a flower in the asphalt.

The feminine utility trend styled plainThe feminine utility trend styled plainThe feminine utility trend styled plainThe feminine utility trend styled plainThe feminine utility trend styled plainThe feminine utility trend styled plainThe feminine utility trend styled plain

My Look in Details

  • Jacket by
  • Blouse by Clockhouse / C&A
  • Treggings by Vero Moda
  • Ankle boots by s.Oliver BLACK Label
  • Watch by Tommy Hilfiger
  • Lipstick “Bois de Rose” by Dr. Pierre Ricaud

Love, Johanna

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