Orange-Code: Pull Yourself Together!

Hello my dear readers,

we all know the dress-code, wearing a preset and only that preset style at a certain place or for a certain even. Now the orange-code happens to arrive. It calls for wearing a very hot, very strong and very tasty orange in the coldest known month. With navy blue accents in the background it gives you a good inspiration to pull yourself together for good. What that means you are going to read in the following.

The best advices given come from experiments on oneself, so the most authentic passed on lectures of life are created out of proper stories.

Let us start with the question why I basically reject nearly everything but comedies and action movies. Personally, I find that life is already negative, frustrating and tragic enough so why should we additionally fill it with such horrible entertainments? Probably not the best way to introduce an article that calls for pulling yourself together, is it? But the reality is this and this reality is created by the people who are influencing our everyday-life: People will always see the negative aspects, people will always blame you and – no matter how good you are – they are always going to destroy you and your intact world, especially if they do not have what you have.

Pull yourself together and do not let them succeed. It does not matter what excuses or arguments they have, if they realize their actions or not. Once you realize that something is breaking you become strong like a lion or lioness because in the end you do not only have to be strong for yourself only but in the first place for those you love and those who are a part of your intact world.

“Not rarely the one (…) close to you is the one to break you down worst.”
– Fall4Me

Orange-Code: Follow The Code

It does not matter who it is you need to fight. Not rarely the one seemingly close to you is the one to break you down worst. You can try to do anything to be in peace with everyone, you can look away, excuse, forgive, overhear and all for the sake of peace not willing to give up because you are still thinking you could do more or that there is more in these venom people than just the bad they are generally showing. But, let me ask you, what more else? Have you not done enough or even more than enough? I believe you did.

The advice I want to give you, the code to follow, is what is enough is enough. Do not jump at the first smallest kind seeming action. Otherwise you will be hurt very quickly again. You have to get out of that circle and keep ignoring, blocking and letting things bounce off until a real change happens. The probationary period with no end at first. Can you do that? Then do it! You already are bad in the eyes of this person but it is not your fault and in the end the bad influence on others you love and are afraid to lose against you is only going to get back to these people.

An orange dress worn with navy blue accentsAn orange dress worn with navy blue accentsAn orange dress worn with navy blue accentsfall4me-orange-code-pull-yourself-togetherAn orange dress worn with navy blue accentsAn orange dress worn with navy blue accentsAn orange dress worn with navy blue accents

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Love, Johanna

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