Leo-Print: About Being A Lioness

Hello my dearly beloved readership,

as a girl I tried it, as a teenager I feared it, as a mother and wife I never felt more ready to wear it. The leo-print is definitely something for self-confident women. In the following it is all about being a lioness.

“…as a mother you have to become a lioness.” – one of my good colleagues passed this advice to me when I have announced my pregnancy last year as she has known me for tending to be rather insecure at times. She told me this as self-boost in order to become strong by myself and for myself and furthermore for my child (back then to be).
Of course, since I met my husband I have developed the strength to let go not being afraid of a loss as I knew that with him I have it all. But by far I was not yet that strong to let things bounce off me.

“Love me or hate me, both are in my favor.”
– William Shakespeare

“Love me or hate me, both are in my favor.”, so the famous British dramatist William Shakespeare used to say, “If you love me I’ll always be in your heart… If you hate me I’ll always be in your head.”
Either way there is a weakness included in both these feelings. Not because these feelings are wrong to have but because they are meant to stay in your ‘pack’ – your fellows and your surrounding. If you allow feelings you make it easy to be attacked, your shield to be broken, your kingdom to burn down along with all that it holds. If you want to be a protector and keeper you have to distance yourself from everything to may be a weapon against you, so that your attack can be stronger and more effective.

The Lioness does not look around

My mother belongs to these women who frequently wear and are crazy for the leo-print. She was the one to make me wear it already in very early ages. But you know what? While I felt everything but comfortable in it, it looks really good on her! I believe that it is her unbelievable capability of self-confidence which makes her really shine in that pattern. She is one of the strongest and as well most self-confident women holding her own that I know. She simply does her thing and fights for her right until the bitter end. If the lion is the king of the animals the lioness doubtlessly is the queen of the animals and a queen does not look around but it is looked at her. Now since I have my own kingdom I can reproduce my mother’s ambitions towards this trend which is a basic essential of her personal style.


Leo print turtle neck combined with leatherLeo print turtle neck combined with leatherLeo print turtle neck combined with leatherLeo print turtle neck combined with leatherLeo print turtle neck combined with leather

My Look in Details

  • Turtle neck by H&M
  • Faux leather pants by Orsay
  • Ankle boots by s.Oliver BLACK LABEL
  • Leather bracelet by Douglas
  • Earrings by TOSH

Love, Johanna



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