Look & Nail Art Of The Year 2018

Hello my beloved readership and happy (Chinese) new year!

As news on television state with the Chinese new year the actual new year is heralded. This is pretty good since during the international New Year’s Eve holidays we most likely tend not to be present in virtual life but dedicate this time to family, friends, preparations, celebrations and recharging new energy for the upcoming year. Like this I have had time to make up important supplements and you have had the time to vote and choose your favorite look and nail art of the year 2018 by Fall4Me. See the results in the following.

Voting System Until 2019

When I have started this blog approximately 6.5 years ago Facebook has been my main network to interact besides from the blog. Every look and every nail art you have found on the blog you could find once again on Facebook. Back then the society has been excited about the network and has not been as self-centered but enthusiastic to interact – besides from that because of all the tracking and flood of advertisements post are harder to be reached nowadays.

So basically I have checked which look and nail art uploaded to the “Lookbook” or rather “Nail Art” albums on Facebook have collected most of the likes and have declared it the “Look and Nail Art Of The Year” as you know it.

Before I do it this way a 5th and last time have a brief recap of my fashion-year:

Top 12 looks of 2018 by Fall4Me

Look Of The Year

The result produced that your favorite look has been special in many ways: With in total 11 likes it is the look of the day number 425 from August 2018 – the look telling the story “When hard leads to good“.

Things that make this look special:

  • It is the look I have worn in Paris which my husband and I have visited at the end of July last year in occasion of our first wedding anniversary. On that day in particular we have made a trip to the very famous and popular Disneyland Paris which made one of my dreams come true. The ballerinas have been my alternative wedding shoes.
  • Unexpectedly we have had a blind passenger with us on this trip about whom we have not known when having booked this holiday: it was our little miracle, an almost 13-weeks-old foetus which is going to enrich our life in person meanwhile at any time.
    Some of you have guessed it already when I firstly unofficially presented this look in occasion of my birthday one month later in September. Once again my official sorry but not sorry to you for answering nothing or no when some of you asked me but by that time we did not want to make it official.
  • I have won this dress when having taken part in one of the giveaways provided by FashionMia on Instagram. Trust me, I have never thought that I would win this dress as at the first sight I did not even go crazy for it but it proved to suit me very well. (Reminds me of how I have met my husband).

I thought that this dress deserved the honor to have its debut in the fashion metropolis Paris. As (many of) my skirts stopped matching me I have created a special love towards fanciful pretty dresses. Apart from that Paris has been the perfect place to wear dresses. For summer I have guarded myself with panty girdles.

August trend by Fall4Me mint green and cherry magenta

Nail Art Of The Year

And what does the favorite nail art you have chosen have in common with the look of the year 2018? It is as well connected to a city trip however this time we have went to Cologne thanks to my brother who have had the idea, my parents who have made it possible and my husband who has driven us bravely through this tough road there and back.

Another thing that was special about these nails was that it was my mothers request to pick such a nail art and I could not resist to deny her wish on her birthday. What looks simple turned out to be poplar and special.

Having this in mind the nail art of the year is number 76 from October “Wishes Are There To Be Fulfilled

Starting the autumn month October with blue and petrol colored nails

New Voting System From 2019 On

Huge thanks to everyone who is still actively interacting on Facebook even though sadly it has reduced with the years. But the more Instagram has taken over and impresses with very quick and frequent updates and advancements of its software and established as well as maintained the intention of social media: sharing beautiful photos with beautiful messages – taking and giving love on a mutual base.

One very good function for such an article is to be able to share a post in your Story adding a poll and this is how the new voting system is going to work in the future:

  • You are still going to find all the looks as well as nail arts after they have been published as articles on this meeting-point on Facebook but as well on my Instagram-feed.
  • The posts are going to be shared in addition in my Story with a poll asking “Vote Now!”
  • If you find the look or rather nail art suitable to be the look or rather nail art of the year then vote for “Look Of The Year!” or rather “Nail Art Of The Year!”
  • If you simply like the looks and nail arts but do not necessarily find them special enough to carry that title and think that there might come better ones vote that you “Just Like It!”

With this system your number of vote possibilities is still going to be unlimited. In addition stay active on Facebook and Instagram and give a thumb up or rather heart in order to raise the chance of your favorite look and nail art to be the ones of the year.

Huge thanks for your love and let us look forward to an exciting fashion year!

Love, Johanna

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