Green & Brown: New Life & Fortune

Hello my beloved readership,

the week before the long awaited fixed date of giving birth to our beloved and wished for first baby boy has begun. In honor to that and for good vibes I have chosen green  as color of new life and brown as one of the four colors of fortune for 2019 for good omen.

Call me superstitious but as long as we keep believing in things – whether they seem rational or not and be positive or negative – and firmly establish them in our mind they are going to go the way we have prepared ourselves to.

“Even words fail to help at times […]”
– Fall4Me

Some people need a kind of belief when even words fail to help at times to find inner halt for themselves before a very important acid test. May it be a person, a good luck charm (from a precious person) or colors on your fingernails.

As I have told you last year green is the color of hope and new life. So since I never take things for granted as firm as they might be in my life or rational according to the results of the frequent examinations I have chosen green as main color. Motherly feelings are created on their own out of instincts but this is my first experience which I cannot learn and no one can teach me. I have to figure it out on my own. No matter how much I may be told or how much I may read I do not know how things are going to be and to be honest I would lie if I said that I was not afraid of the unknown at all. Therefore green shall give me strength to keep hoping that everything is going to be fine with the new life expected (in the first place our both’s health state) and the new stage of life being wonderful instead of the world going under as almost everyone seems to portray it like. The touch of blue within this green shall give you a hint to the baby’s gender.

On the other hand there is as well fortune. Close to the Chinese New Year which has established a very important meaning within the international culture it is worth mentioning that of course I am interested under which zodiac sign my baby is going to be born and what elements (numbers, colors, flowers, months, directions) would be important and of fortune in this context.
We are awaiting the year of the earth-pig in the night from February 4th to February 5th, 2019. This includes the trend color yellow, gold, grey but as well brown as colors of fortune for this year so in the end I stuck with brown as best combination to green as colors of earth. So apart from the above named hope and strength I as well carry positive vibes of fortune with me for the big event coming which may take place anytime.

Call it how you want it but never blame anyone for their belief because superstition is as well a kind of belief. Belief is sometimes all that a person may have in order not to drown into fear, nervousness and insecurity when nothing seems to help any longer. It is not up to us to judge. So if we cannot be of help we should at least be supportive. Sometimes a good belief is worth more than thousands of (bad) realities because if something is able to change a bad reality it is the good belief.

The first nail art of 2019 calls for soft green with a touch of blue and brownThe first nail art of 2019 calls for soft green with a touch of blue and brown

Nail Art Done By Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

Since I am not really bounded to work days or weekends or times of day I in general try to avoid rush hours in shops and salons when it tends to be too crowded in order to relax and get my head free from worries, stress and hectic at least in these precious hours when I can enjoy time for just myself with things I like to do most.

But with insomnia taking over I want to start things calmly and relaxed, apart from that the beginning of a new month with everyone getting money right at the beginning of the weekend is known to be the most popular time to spend money.

Nevertheless this shall not disturb the clients from Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness – once you wait (or can be some minutes late) and later on you make others wait because every clients gets the complete treatment there regardless from the number of clients as long as they have an appointment – spontaneous visits are pretty difficult then so I recommend you to come with an appointment. So no matter how much you may stress yourself, the staff of this nail studio is not going to put you under pressure as long as you do not do it yourself. They even take time to take photos from your nail art. Everyone there is well educated to at least already start preparing your nails before the actual treatment until the client before you has finished.

By the way now you can find Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness on Instagram as well.

Love, Johanna

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