Ultraviolet – Never Forget

Hello my beloved readership,

in the last year there have been many moments when I have forgotten who I actually am. Thanks to ultraviolet I will make sure to never forget about it again.

People, incidents, conversions… I am 25 now and I was doubtlessly convinced that it was the way one good friend said it five years ago: the early 20’s are for self-finding. I was honest and experienced enough to know that only because according to the German law you are of age by reaching and fulfilling 18 years you are not to think to know and can do it all on your own. By 21, latest 22, I was sure that I knew where I was standing and where I was heading and even after marriage I kept trying on my own creating independence but in the end you still need your more experienced elders’ advice.

“A (…) stroke of fate can make you drown to emptiness.”
– Fall4Me

Even though you know who you are a weakening state or stroke of fate can make you drown to emptiness inside no matter how much you play your role from outside to make others not notice. It may be feelings of helplessness, despair, fear connected with it that make you fall down on your knees and sell yourself far under your proper value. Only God would know how and when to find yourself again.

What we would never accept, no way, is others to tell us that we would have allegedly changed. But from time to time as we notice even the slightest change or let ourselves go and decide to change a character trait about us in order not to hurt ourselves anymore we should ask ourselves: is that actually us? Can we be clear with this way to go? Is that still who we want to be? It is often this turn our gaze inward to send us an alert.

Never forget who you are and keep reminding yourself who you are! You are not worse, weaker, more unsure than you want to turn yourself. You are and are to be proud of yourself, more than you think you are and 100 per cent behind for your actions, words and thoughts. Do not let anything or anyone make you lose yourself and destroy at least 20 years or rather the work of a quarter of life.

I am Ultraviolet – And You?

Ultraviolet – the short wave end to which violet, the stimulus and color of the spectrum, is the border. That shade of purple that is including a blue cast. My personal most favorite shade of the color that addresses a wide variety.
As the color between blue and red, male and female, water and fire – heaven on earth and soul on body this color meets in the center uniting two opposites to consistent whole (even though generally these two opposites are not likely to be consistent with each other). Purple is restless, loaded with tension, inconsistent, yet harmonic.

Mystic-graceful as well as special and rare in nature; in culture, art and religion the color of individuality and self-confidence, feminism and love towards women, creativity and diplomacy, melancholy and cure, yet the color of death but also spirituality.

To me ultraviolet is definitely this: mystical with deep spirituality, the individual alternative to the mainstream pink, rose and for strong, self-confident and clear with themselves women in the world of them and creative. All that I stand for myself.

The one who has given me this purple lipstick for my birthday said that she was not sure but somehow she felt that I am a purple person – even though I seemed to have forgotten about that myself as I slowly lost connection to it.

But purple or rather ultraviolet are my favorite colors – my colors of power – as it came back with a huge appearance and made me approach it again I myself felt like I came back to myself remembering who I actually am and what I do not want to become no way.

Everyone of us has this very personal color of power. I am ultraviolet and what color are you?

The year begins with the trend color from 2018: UltravioletThe year begins with the trend color from 2018: UltravioletThe year begins with the trend color from 2018: Ultravioletfall4me-trend-ultraviolet-purpleThe year begins with the trend color from 2018: UltravioletThe year begins with the trend color from 2018: Ultraviolet

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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