Ultraviolet & Gold: The Best Is At The End To Come

Hello my beloved readership,

you cannot bring back time like you can wear ultraviolet and gold once again on your nails. But you can get around getting things right even at the very end despite time lost so that the best is at the end to come at least.

Who is to make the first step? Who did worse things to one another in order to feel more responsible? What does the other one think? Who is finding him- or rather herself in the worse position in order to be the more harmed victim? It is thoughts and questions like these that keep up a dispute, silence and a warlike state between two people who are to be very close to each other alive.

“When there is nothing going to change […] you will end up destroying yourself.”
– Fall4Me

While the previous turn of the year was to forget about all the misery went through after all you cannot just keep this maxim up from turn of the year to turn of the year – even though you should always forgive again and again – when there is nothing going to change at all and you will end up destroying yourself from this hardship and tragedy since you are as well just a human with feelings with the yearning to be recognized instead of being treated like trash which people may kick around according to their liking.

Do never lose faith in hope and do not think that miracles would not be possible or wishes would not come true. Deep inside you know that you would not suffer from a situation if it was not important let go precious to you at all. Even though you might have set yourself a deadline and even though it is nigh never stop believing that it could not go well in the very end. So even if you end up being the one to take the first steps do not think of it as a kind of acknowledgement of guilt. Take it with pride to be strong enough and adult enough to take this responsibility and put it on display for the other party as well.

You may have a legit reason to strictly set boundaries to a contact so that there are just a few ways left to go. The other side may not know it any better than you may but therefore you are going to have a third person to support you to get to your happy end. I used to know somebody who used to say: “It will be all good in the end and if it is not good it is not yet the end.”

I have to admit that this person has disappointed me a lot but she turned to be right with this statement which is going to always accompany me on my way and with which she has left her traces on me.

Having this in mind I want to tell you that no matter what, Christmas and New Year’s Eve is for miracles to happen, wishes to come true and harmony to take over. As this is going to be my last article before Christmas I want to wish you all the best for these Saint days. Lots of magic, light of hope, harmony and solidarity with those you love. Have a healthy and blessed celebration!

Nails for Christmas 2018 Ultraviolet and Gold in glitterNails for Christmas 2018 Ultraviolet and Gold in glitter

Nails Done by Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

Ultraviolet has doubtlessly been the color of 2018. Irony of fate: my husband and I have married under a purple-white-theme the previous year and one year later shades of purple all over the year wherever you look featured by high fashion designers such as Liz Malraux where we could admire my favorite color in winter for spring/summer as well as in summer for autumn/winter ending with ready-to-wear fashion accessible for everyone by Orsay, s.Oliver and co. The first one named has taken this color to the next year.

Like this ultraviolet and shades of purple on the whole join a row of numerous colors such as soft rose, petrol or burgundy which have (for now) long-term established in the world of fashion.

Apart from that the Estonian fashion bible Anne & Stiil has declared Gold as the must-wear color for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The result is the one you see above as shimmer and glitter cannot be enough for the year-ending celebrations for me as you may remember from my last-year’s Christmas nails.

You may have as well noticed that I have chosen these two colors pretty often for my nails this year. This is because Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness has a very special good hand for good colors for nails and the could not have been done better for this special time. Having this in mind best regards and huge thanks to them for another fantastic year!

Love, Johanna


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