Black: Misunderstood

Hello my beloved readership,

black – the color of darkness, evil and mourning – that is onto what it is reduced. Black is mainly worn for funerals, by rocker gangs or rather Goths and when the coldest season takes over. If you are wearing black you are in mourning, insecure about you or unfriendly and unapproachable. Black is misunderstood. Like me. Clear, direct words are taken as hard and mean and everything you do is taken bad. All they see is just black as bad luck. People would never ask the background or try to see the good in what seems so downing. Therefore take your time to do so.

“Your words always sound so harsh, you know.” – the person who told me this was very lucky that I have had the ability of thinking my part and speaking politely to my concerned fellow on one and the same time at my disposal. Without naming anyone in detail, it was a person I am doing hard to get along with patiently due to the difficult character and very simple mind on the one hand but on the other hand want and have to get along with in the long-term.

But today I do not want to speak about thinking before speaking but understanding and questioning. I do not like to admit it in this context in order not to be open to attack but she is not the only one to think similar. What it is that is taken this bad you are wondering? Clear, straight, direct words. Carrying my heart on my tongue. Openness.

People are doing hard on handling this. If it would be up to them they would like to only be handled with kid gloves. Sadly there is a catch, if you permanently do so they are not going to learn anything. I have become like this in the first place because I have early created hate against the bad habit of people talking bad behind other people’s back – in my case for no clear reason but jealousy. I hate falseness and I hate lies. For the sake of a good working long-term relationship I prefer to speak out directly what I think so that both parties can think and find compromises together to get along with each other. Like this the understanding for each other can be better.

Nevertheless, the reason why I have told you about these stories is to make you understand that not everything that seems evil at the first sight is indeed evil. Before you judge try to understand where certain character traits are coming from. Be open to reflect. But most important put efforts on seeing the good in everything that seems rough, harsh or sad to you.

“Once we achieve this success we can as well convince (…) our mother of the good sides of black.”
– Fall4Me

Black – Between Elegance, Coolness, Roughness & Sorrow

I admit it has been me, who previously said that black is a no-go for weddings – and I already announce that once I start my baby-blog I will say it again. Not because black is evil or sad but because black is an attitude. You as well would not need a word of which you do not know the meaning.

Nevertheless only because I say it it doesn’t mean that many people still wear black for weddings, babies’ birthdays and for summer. However the way I argue against it in these cases is simply refers to point out as well the value of black as elegant and cool color.

Now you might think that I make a doctoral dissertation out of black – no way, but in fact it takes experience to understand why and when to wear black. Black can conceal and black suits everyone. Black is easy – even if it is suitable with anything like white white is everything but concealing. With black you can hide yourself inside out. That is why it seems so rough and sad, it hides, secrets as well as feelings – of lacking self-confidence and other weaknesses. People are doing hard on showing their feelings especially the weak ones.

Last but not least we all have at least once been in a confrontation with our mother wearing way too much black. Once we understand about black we can self-confidently legitimate us wearing the color with grace and coolness. Once we achieve this success we can as well convince our fellows and most important our mother of the good sides of black.

A little black dress with silver details and red lipsA little black dress with silver details and red lipsA little black dress with silver details and red lipsA little black dress with silver details and red lipsA little black dress with silver details and red lipsA little black dress with silver details and red lips

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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