Blue x Petrol: Wishes Are There To Be Fulfilled

I dedicate this article my mother wishing her once again through this way all and only the best for her birthday! ♥

Hello my beloved readership,

there are people whom you cannot turn down a request in the end. Even if you may already be annoyed you do it. See this charity by you as kind of chance. Blue crossing petrol as one of its shades stands for trust. It will be your moment of proving reliability towards your fellows and once we can we should make use of it. After all wishes are there to be fulfilled.

Do you remember how your parents used to fulfill you every of your wishes? Can you remember how they unconditionally did anything for you without asking anything in return still continuing in your pretty adult stage as age of your life? This must be love you may be thinking now. Yes, it is love, do never doubt it. But it is more than that, believe it or not but more than love people find strength in having power of doing something furthermore doing something they could not do before since they did not have the resources and doing something that would make another person incredibly happy.

“Sometimes a thankful and endlessly happy person as result is worth more than any gift or favor in the world!”
– Fall4Me

Why should you not be the one to be devoted enough furthermore graceful enough to fulfill a wish to someone if you can? Do not tell me you are wishlessly happy. There is always something to wish for. Even if in the end this wish of yours could only be heard and fulfilled by higher forces from above.

Whenever a wish is spoken out by your fellow or not even though it is seen or recognized by you reproduce his or rather her yearning and state realizing you would like to be treated the same good way when being in need. The person whom you make a wish come true does not need to turn you the favor exactly the same way. Sometimes a thankful and endlessly happy person as result is worth more than any gift or favor in the world! After all you should have faith in life blessing you with good for your charity sooner or later. The more often you do charity to others the more your blessing will grow and be remarkable since good is always going to be returned with good.

One day as you grow up becoming an adult or elder you are going to understand how your parents felt as they were able to give you everything so that you did not lack anything. You are going to feel the pride about your achievement and fulfillment about the success you earn with charity and you are going to be a very rich person in visible and invisible goods and values.

Starting the autumn month October with blue and petrol colored nailsStarting the autumn month October with blue and petrol colored nails

Nail Art Done by Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

No glitter, no shimmer – just plain colors, plain colors however with a huge effect. The blue may not necessarily be an autumn color (at least not this shade of royal blue) other than the petrol color.

But as I recently found out, petrol, which I have tried to adopt ever since it first established as continuous autumn color, turns out to be my husband’s anti-color because he simply does “not find the color beautiful at all(!)”, as he states, therefore I skipped this color again and reduced it to the minimum. It does not mean that I have made myself dependent of him when I say that he is my conscience in fashion but my best adviser as he is my stop at some point but indeed very tolerant and supportive to a shopaholic like I am.

Anyway the blue and the petrol which tends to be a shade of blue was a request from my mother. So I have decided to fulfill her wish once in a while getting away from all the glittery and metallic nails since it has been her birthday and I have already had a bad conscience that my date for the new nails fell onto that day.

Thank you Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness! It was absolutely to her liking!

Love, Johanna

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