“Breaking The Ice”: Liz Malraux Couture Fashion Show Autumn/Winter 2018/2019

Hello my beloved readership,

on August 2, 2018 the Hamburg couture designer Liz Malraux has presented her autumn/winter 2018/2019 collection under the motto “Breaking The Ice”. The fashion show took place at the Grand Élysée Hotel in Hamburg.

With this fashion show the designer has as well celebrated 31 years of pure Couture with her brand. But this has not been the only anniversary of the night. The special guest model on the catwalk model and host Marie Amiére started her career 26 years ago on the catwalk of Liz Malraux Couture. For that special occasion she was seen on the catwalk this Thursday again.

Marie Amiére and Liz Malraux on the catwalk
Marie Amiére (r.) in the wedding dress creation by Liz Malraux (l.)

As usual the numerous guests all looking like models in their suits and creations by the designer or their best dresses to honor her were welcomed to a luxurious ambience one hour before the beginning of the show with ice-cold champagne, water or orange juice for those who cannot drink alcohol for whatever reason.

Already before the actual show has started it felt as if one has already been at a show with the beautiful art exhibition by one of the models Zoe Helali that nearly welcomes you by the first step and accompanies you until the last one. Already belonging to the fashion family of Liz Malraux Couture the designer has permitted her irreplaceable model to present her works of art at the reception hall at the fashion event which can be admired before and after the fashion show just like potential clients can try on and eventually buy a selection of Liz Malraux’ fashion at a little stand with a fitting room which is as well finding itself at the reception area.

The works of art by Zoe Helali
© 2018 / Fall4Me
Liz Malraux fashion show after party
Model and artist Zoe Helali (r.) in a free-time creation by Liz Malraux

An art exhibition, the artful creations by Liz Malraux, can there be more art at one place on one event in one evening? Yes of course! Just like at the last fashion show model and ballerina Lia Kemendi has enchanted the audiance at the beginning of the show with her beautiful ballet dance under alluring French music.

Lia Kemendi dancing ballet on the catwalk
© 2018 / Anastasja Black

According to Liz Malraux’ interpretation the upcoming season is going to be full of dominant colours such as cognac, olive, rose or ultraviolet which serve every taste, bright and dark shades, contrasts and a colour palette with similar (soft) shades and as well wild animal prints and embroideries. The personal touch of this show was Liz Malraux’ love towards Alaska.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My personal highlight besides from the designer finally having a collection in my shade of purple – being one of the few to do so – however has been the collaboration with her daughter and good friend to me Anja. She is known for her black-dominating, Goth-approaching minimalistic London-Style. But this theme was bearing the highlight of the show which could have been already admired before the show on the invitation cards: A glittery-metallic blazer. Being wiser after the show knowing that the outfit of her model on the invitation card was designed in collaboration with her daughter it makes this paper even more special and the collection itself as well.

Model Oumy Sakho presenting the sequins-blazer from the Mystic collection
The highlight of the show as well as of the collection “Mystic”: the sequins-blazer.

But that was not the only mother-daughter collaboration for this fashion show: for the first time the videographer to be was standing behind the camera filming the whole show for her mother. Truly inspiring for myself and my future as well.

Not getting enough of art and inspiration? Visit Liz Malraux online or follow her on Facebook and Instagram or see all photos from the show on my Facebook page.

Blogger Johanna from Fall4Me with designer Liz MalrauxFall4Me couple at the Liz Malraux fashion show

Blogger Johanna with two of the models
Lia Kemendi (l.), myself and Oumy Sakho (r.)

Love, Johanna

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