Paris: 5 Undertakings To Get To Know The City

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Paris is not only the city of love. The French capital and one of the most meaningful metropolises in Europe is as well known as the center of fashion, arts, gastronomy and culture. Even though its hugeness is bearing lights and shadows this city is a must-visit. However in just two and a half days it is tough to see everything. Therefore I introduce you to five undertakings with which you can get to know the city in short time on the whole even if not everything in detail.

The streets of Paris celebration the world cup of soccer
We have visited the proud capital in the year their nation has become the world champions of soccer. © 2018 Fall4Me

1. Up The Tower Montparnasse

Can you tell which is the best view of Paris? I bet you will guess it wrong with the Eiffel Tower. In fact, the best view of Paris can be found on the “Tour Montparnasse” – an office block of 210 m which provides a well secured entrance with its developed staff and equipment such as an x-ray apparatus just like at an airport to get tickets and to be led to the elevators. After this obstacle is mastered a breathtaking panorama platform with seats in the middle and possibilities to take the most beautiful photos of the whole Paris and with security-gadgets in order not to lose your camera or phone is awaiting you upstairs the 56th floor which you can only reach by foot. With on the whole 59 floors it is higher than the Eiffel Tower itself. Underneath on the 56th floor itself you can still enjoy the view from inside in an integrated café, through the windows where you can find electronic guides and shop some gifts and postcards in a souvenir shop for yourself and your beloved ones.

Those who have watched the film “Paris, je t’aime” will most likely run after this tower which is finding itself in the same named neighborhood Montparnasse which is approximately 30 minutes away from the Eiffel tower.

Remember to have your internationally valid student identity card with you in order to get some discount on your ticket.

Price: 18€ (adults); 15€ (students); 9,50€ (children 4-11); children younger than 4 years can enter for free.

Waiting time: app. 5-10 minutes

The tower Montparnasse

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2. A Boat Trip Along The Seine-River

Imagine it is your wedding anniversary: after an exciting day you have taken a walk along the Eifel-tower, enjoyed a dinner outside yet the night is still young on holiday. Up to 22:30 pm (departure) you can have a boat trip across the Seine-river and get to know the city along with its famous sights and their history starting from the Eifel-tower over the Louvre up to the Notre Dame church the chilled as well as cliché-like romantic way.
A funny side-effect: the natives who are waving at you from the main land. The only disadvantage is that the boat does not stop during its trip so you can get out and check out the sights from close up.

Price: 14€ (adults), 6€ (children younger than 12 years old), children younger than 4 years enter for free.

Waiting time: app. 30 minutes

Departure time: every 30 minutes from 10:00 am to 22:30 pm (April to September); every 40 minutes from 11:00 am to 21:20 pm (October to March).

Duration: app. 1h 10 min.

Book here.

The Eiffel-tower at different times of the day.
The Eiffel-tower at different times of the day. © 2019 Fall4Me
Bridge Alexander III
On the ride through the Seine-river you can see various of the famous sights that Paris offers you: among others the bridge named after Alexander III. which symbolizes the French-Russian friendship.
The cathedral Notre Dame
The furthest sight you are led to: the famous Notre Dame cathedral

3. Stroll Along The Sunday-Weekly-Market

You can suddenly stumble across a weekly-market after your Sunday-brunch outside the hotel. Fresh food, clothes and accessories completely new as well as catchy souvenirs are alluring you to open your purse until 13:00 pm. Do not worry about cash, these open air markets are up to date with every stand having a card reader. Other than in a shop here you can still discuss about the prize the oriental way.

Located: among others under the subway bridge of line 6, Dupleix station

4. Trip To Disneyland

A childish dream to fulfill but without children! Otherwise this trip is going to be very expensive. The secret behind – or rather inside Disney-town: most of the buildings are holding souvenir shops, restaurants or roller-coasters but nevertheless you are not missed any world you have sunk in in 2D in your childhood. Disneyland Paris is an unforgettable adventure that combines shopping and active as well as passive entertainment with shows and great scenery. Make sure your cameras are charged.

Costs: btw. 56€ – 87€ (Disney park day ticket), 51€ – 80€ (for children 3-11 years old)

Waiting time

  • at the roller-coasters: app. 30 to 45 minutes
  • at the entrance: app. 5 minutes

The entrance of DisneylandThe city hall of disneylandThe palace DisneyA show performed by the Disney-princesses

5. Shopping At The Champs-Elysees

5th Avenue-what? Us proud Europeans are living the dream of shopping at the Champs-Elysees! Souvenirs, the common fashion labels such as Zara, the Disney store, sports, technique or the luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton – the main shopping street of Paris has them all before leaving to the air port in the afternoon. For a little pause the arcade Les Arcades des Champs Elysees is holding the most delicious macrons for you.

Time spent there: 3-4 hours.

The Triumphal Arch of Paris
The heart of the Champs Elysees: the triumphal arch.

The arcade of the Champs Elysees

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

In the retrospective our trip to Paris was a mix of “what have we actually done there?” and “but we did actually manage to make-up a lot!” – as we had lost half a day I must say that we have been pretty sporty with all our undertakings in 2,5 days. In the first place we had to learn that Paris is a very distant city and the public transport is not necessarily the cleanest let go most agreeable one. You better plan at least five days (especially if you are pregnant!) and (if you have a diver’s licence) you better rent a car otherwise you get very early very beaten and have nothing from your days. Nevertheless for a romantic wedding-anniversary-weekend for two it was perfect and unforgettable.

A souvenir shop at the Champs Elysees

View more photos on my Instagram account @Fall4MeOfficial.

Love, Johanna

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