Soft, Softer, Rose & Light Blue: Love You Differently

Hello my beloved readers,

just like people, colors and tastes are different so is the way to love. While some of us love hot and passionately with a flame burning inside them others stay soft and discreet in their way to love. They love you but differently. In the following I want to figure it out with you deeper.

In the last month I have presented you a pretty similar style to this one talking about passionate love. This month I am presenting you an equal style however with entirely soft shades and in a tender and playful style. Also this time I am talking about love, however about another kind of love, one I would like to call soft love.

We have bright people and dark people so why would we not have wild people as well as calm people? It would be too boring if we would all be the same and not interesting at all since we could not grow on each other. Just because some people cannot show their love to the outside like you probably do it does not mean that they would not love you the way you do love them. Once in a while some of my fellows would even think about me that I would not be as happy, thankful or passionate about something the way they would expect me to be or react – totally mistaken! I am thankful, passionate and happy – I am just sometimes doing hard on showing it even if I would rather count myself to the passionate kind of lover.

But believe it or not I have as well found myself in the situation when I was hardly accepting soft, inconspicuous kind of love. The reason why is not important at this point. I just did not even though I should have. With that I was not only harming the relationship and my fellows but as well myself. Since I have a better comprehension for the other side I can just look up and see a brighter path. Even if soft love is not always immediately visible I somehow just have to have faith in it. It does not always have to be seen or touchable in order for it to know that it is there.

“One extreme cannot exist without the other one.”
– Fall4Me

Soft Rose & Light Blue: Soft Love

Bright – dark, loud – silent, wild – calm, strong – soft and so on with many more… But no matter which opposites you may pick, one extreme cannot exist without the other one. We need this balance and frequent change in our world and our life to know both factors and learn to cherish both of them equally.

Even if in our opinion we think that we would not be compatible with one extreme because we find that soft shades and bright colors would not suit our rather dark and chiselled type or that we were too fierce to have comprehension for tenderness and soft love we simply have to listen, realize and accept the other side in order to adapt into a compromise for the sake of both sides.

Sometimes you just have to give it a try – may it be following a trend unusual to your style or seeing things from a kind of different point of view. You never know if you are going to find it to your liking or rather have a better understanding for the other side and improve your relationship to an important person with that. Having this in mind, thank you for setting this trend for summer dearest Liz.

July trend look by Fall4Me: Soft Rose & Light BlueJuly trend look by Fall4Me: Soft Rose & Light BlueJuly trend look by Fall4Me: Soft Rose & Light BlueJuly trend look by Fall4Me: Soft Rose & Light BlueJuly trend look by Fall4Me: Soft Rose & Light BlueJuly trend look by Fall4Me: Soft Rose & Light BlueJuly trend look by Fall4Me: Soft Rose & Light Bluefall4me-soft-rose-light-blue-love-you-differentlyJuly trend look by Fall4Me: Soft Rose & Light Blue

My Look in Details

  • Denim jacket by Yessica/C&A
  • Blouse by Clockhouse/C&A
  • Jeans in used look by New Look
  • Slippers by Shappó
  • Long heart-pendant necklace by s.Oliver
  • Stud earrings by H&M
  • Watch by D&G
  • Lipstick “Bois de Rose” by Dr. Pierre Ricaud

Love, Johanna


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