Ultraviolet x Nude: Ultraviolence

Hello my beloved readers,

when you are not feeling well you need to treat yourself with a good beauty session such as a manicure and pedicure on one and the same day to dedicate yourself to your thoughts and something you can look forwards to. With such a certainty your power-color ultraviolet with nude may be the ones to guard you during your weak but happy period as they are going to remind you of all the positive things around you. Nevertheless, ultraviolence can be very mean and reckless once it comes. It has many facets of which I want to warn you in the following for you to let go in time.

A pregnancy in its early stage can be hard enough [note: more about that in the “Baby-Love by Fall4Me” section coming soon]. In times like that you need a personal boost such as beauty-treatment and do not need any kind of stress.

But the stronger you are the more difficult exercises life may seem to give you to master, regardless from if you could need it or not. Surely, nothing from above should be seen as negative, because even the worst cases are lectures, and even if you want to be fair enough to reflect yourself and search for the mistake in you do not make yourself worse than actually are. Once people show their true faces, even if only to you, rescue yourself from the most reckless, embittered and venom people to which devil in comparison to them seems like an innocent angel.

“Never, never, never keep something that is no good for you because you are scared of the consequences!”
– Fall4Me

What I have tried is to rescue a friendship which has never really been a friendship what I got was a payback for wrong for a truth I have had spoken out half a year ago. This payback was an ultraviolence harming nearly the most important relationship in my life (besides from the one of my marriage-relationship) exactly one day before my big day for which I had looked forward to the preparations and ended up crying in bed.

I could not believe and realize how a person who was to be closer to me than to the harmful person could believe just a single word and I felt like I failed when I saw that speech into the conscience of that person worked at all. I felt like I had to keep something alive just to avoid a bigger tragedy with all my possibilities but nothing helped. In the end I can say: Never, never, never keep something that is no good for you because you are scared of the consequences! Firstly the truth is going to come out anyway and secondly you have to think of yourself first and create an I-do-not-give-a-damn-attitude. Latest in your pregnancy no one is as important than you and the treasure you are carrying.

Everyone deserves at least one second chance – thought the religious way endless chances. Living according to this philosophy I am willing to forgive anything and anyone but not this. Never! This beast covering herself under her headscarf as loyal servant of God may have thought that she would come through with her trick of the poor desperate girl and story – as every story has a story. But everything is going to come out sooner or later and in the end. In addition furthermore the truth is going to win in the end anyway.

I should have been wiser to let go in time but that was just my big heart that could not which costed me lots of nerves, sorrow and time. The ultraviolence may have stopped me for one longer moment but ultraviolet has helped me up in the end to master everything even if it could not guard me completely.

Ultraviolet & nude nails for late summer

Nails Done By Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

As in every article about my nails I want to give a very special thank you to the whole Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness studio in Hamburg-Hohenfelde! Not only that they remain true to their very accurate and client-orientated work as well as service they are frequently extending their selection of colors which hardly lets any wish unfulfilled. They very precisely include many different shades glittery as well as matte. It will be difficult to be fed up with the selection of colors in the foreseeable future – especially for someone who likes changes for the nails as they remain on your nails for pretty long time.

Love, Johanna

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