Light Denim & Red: Love & Passion

Hello my beloved readers,

love and passion are connected very close with each other – closer than some of us might imagine. However when we feel love we are burning. This flame burning is passion, the effort we are willing to give unconditionally. Especially for those who love but in a calm, discreet way this may seem incomprehensible. They might feel run over about this kind of hot love. Therefore I would like to explain the connection between love and passion resulting out of love.

If you have ever heard of the expression that love makes us reach for the stars it will not sound strange to you that you will give someone you love deeply either as partner, family member or friend the full treatment. No matter if it is about giving gifts, being attentive or loving someone unconditionally without any profit (even though by times of today this feeling becomes strange and unusual more and more which makes it hard to believe it is still possible).

Sometimes this loves comes into being thanks to someone in between – someone you have already learned to love so much that you just automatically start to love the people who are an essential and irreplaceable part of this person’s life (like the family of your husband, boyfriend or partner for example).

But this is what makes it love, not being able to find the words, acting without thinking and creating a kind of passion which is notable by the effort we give. Even if this passion connected with love may not be understandable for some others, do not give up and lose yourself. Once day it will pay off and enchant your fellows just as well to have a positive thinking about you.

“Love lends us new life.”
– Fall4Me

Light Denim & Red: Hot Love

Such a hot red, the color of fire, the color of alert but as well the color of love. The stronger the red the hotter the love. Love – being crazy in love – does something with us we cannot get the words to. It is not necessarily a bomb that explodes, because then the love would not last, but a strong fire that is burning continuously inside us. Love lends us new life and new power for life.
The fact that soft elements such as a light, discreet denim and light silver look good and complete with it is nothing more than the convictions we achieve to someone who loves in a discreet way and stops to feel negatively run over with that hot love.

June trend by Fall4Me light denim and redJune trend by Fall4Me light denim and redJune trend by Fall4Me light denim and redJune trend by Fall4Me light denim and redJune trend by Fall4Me light denim and redJune trend by Fall4Me light denim and redJune trend by Fall4Me light denim and red

My Look in Details

  • Denim jacket by Yessica/C&A
  • Top by s.Oliver
  • Pants by Mango
  • Slippers by Shappó
  • Lipstick by Trend It Up/DM
  • Bracelet by New Look
  • Watch by D&G

Love, Johanna


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