The Special Bridal Couple Ride: Limousine V.S. Carriage

Hello my beloved readership,

no matter how you spin and rotate it you will need a transport facility on your wedding day. Especially when you have more than one stop on your actual day of getting married from one ceremony to the next one. But which are the ultimate means of transport and worth a bridal couple? A limousine or a carriage? Here is the comparison.

A wedding rule about the bridal couple ride

A modern limousine or a classic carriage…? A question that is definitely not easy to spontenously answer. But definitely a question to argue about when two different cultures and characters get confronted with each other. Therefore I have picked some general components as criteria to approach a possible answer. These are:

The Prize

Have you ever heard of the phenomenon that the old and anique a good is its value as well as the prize paid for it rises? Of course! Because of its rare performance nowadays. Apart from that carriages back them have mainly been used mainly by royals or rich people. Therefore you pay for renting a carriage for one hour as much as you would for renting a limousine for three hours. This prize is lying around 300€ – every additional hour would cost about 50€ to 100€.

Whereas it should be noted that a limousine nowadays is more common however for average people it is rather something to rent once or twice in a lifetime whereas royals or celebrities are almost driven by nothing else than that especially for important events which rises the value of a limousine as well.

Note: You can count with paying the chauffeur before the ride begins. For some of them there is no pardon when it comes to that part.

A white Limousine
Once in a lifetime a ride in a limousine is definitely worthy. (© Fall4Me)

The Space

An extravagant bridal dress takes a lot of space even if it is worn by a petite bride. That leaves hardly place for another passenger on the carriage than the bridal couple along with its coacher.

With regard to this the limousine is not only cheaper from the prize an hour but can carry four times more people or rather passengers – the chauffer not included – and this is important on the wedding day, because who must not leave the bride’s side of her special day? Correct, her bridesmaid! Not even when the couple is driven from one place to the other.

Dearest bridesmaid, your bride is relying on you! Even if that is not the usual you, be active! Show that you are there and set the tone! On this one day you have to act instead of thinking and resting in you comfort zone. Otherwise someone else might steal you firm place (in the car)! – This sadly happened to us a tiny faux-pas when one of our guests jumped into the car – which neither my husband nor I or anybody else could have understood until today – while my bridesmaid was kilometeres away from me with my handbag and important things such as phone, borrowed thing and identity card. If it was different this could have spared me a little plenty of stress on my special day.

If you are celebrating in the circle of your family and have a cool group of youths which are more than siblings and partners but furthermore same-minded friend with you the limousine ride will be the highlight of your wedding-mood and stay your forever wedding-ride-crew. Perhaps it will spare you one more car and driver on the wedding day and one sorrow less finding a parking lot in the city.

The bridal couple in the limousine
(© Fall4Me)
Five guests and the photographer in the limousine
One limousine might replace one to two cars. (© Fall4Me)
The bridal couple and its clique partying in the limousine
Party and fun is nothing without the right people involved. (© Fall4Me)

The Speed

It slowly but surely seems that you might benefit more from a party-car on your wedding-day than a romantic carriage. If time is money for you then yes, you do! The styling not counted we have had five appointments on our wedding day out of which we needed the limousine for three of them.

Bride waving her window out of the limousine
Who did not wish to once scream out of a driving car and wave with bridal bouquet? (© Annna Chojnowska / Fall4Me)

The Greenness

It is undisputed that cars are one of the major causes to harm the environment especially the climate supporting the global warming with their exhaust. Already at driving-school you are learning that you should not unnecessarily drive around and avoid to drive in full cities where you have a lot of stop and go as this causes more exhaust. But during a wedding you are driven around through the beauties of the city and take stops in order to let the bridal couple have their shootings at different places not caring about the traffic. In that case horses along with the carriage do not harm the environment as the carriage is moved further without any drive but the strength of the horses. The point definity goes to the carriage.

The Decoration

The first draw between the limousine and carriage. In general the main piece of wedding-decorations are flowers – either on cars or carriages and a driver dressed in a suit for this ceremonial occasion. Nevertheless it is not always about the accessories. Sometimes a statement colour says more than a thousand details. Having this in mind my personal suggestion for a wedding limousine is always choosing a white one since there is no better matching and unambiguous colour for that event.

The Features

Features? Which features? Getting the party started before the actual party starts: with champagne, prepared glasses, loud music and probably funny items for photos. In a closed car this is better realizable than in an open carriage where you eventually might get bored in the calmness it bears.

A bar in the limousine
You have to deliver the champagne on your own but the bar with everything else needed is given in the car. (© Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me)
The witness opening the bottle of champagne
(© Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me)
The bridal couple enjoying a glass of champagne
… and cheers! (© Fall4Me)

Dear bridal couple, dear photographer and especially dear witnesses, in all the party mood and carefreeness after all the preparation and disciplines, do not forget to make stops at the beautiful places on your way so that the bridal couple can have a photoshooting there even though you do not want the party and the comfort you enjoy in the limousine to stop.

Party in the limousine under music
You definitely would not be able to party like this on a carriage. (© Fall4Me)

The Last Word Stays With The Bridal Couple

It might be that some traditions, cultural traits and customs are country- or rather region-specific. Nevertheless some traits know neither cultures, nor countries nor regions.

For example, what could be more important for parents than their children getting married? So far nothing else up to that stage. It is a major step to support their children to get to their highest point in life, as parents are supposed to live for their children, in my opinion.
So divorced parents should pull themselves together and have a talk with each other about their child’s wishes and the costs to exonerate their son or daughter just like the groom’s parents should meet up with the bride’s parents or at least have a call with them.

It always is a bride’s wedding in the first place for what concerns the dress code, the decoration and everything that is an element of the wedding. But do not think that the bride would not discuss all the details with her better half which is her groom to be.
There are at the most two people who are nearly just as close to the bride as her groom:

  1. her mother
  2. and her bridesmaid(s)

They as well know best what the bride and the couple as whole have planned, imagined and wished for. Trust me, future-mother-in-law, no one wants to hear about your certainly “well meant advices” or opinion on that. The only thing they would like to hear from you is:

  • “What has been planned?”
  • “How can I help?”
  • “How much money is needed from our side?”.

Tastes are different just like characters and places are. Just accept the wishes of your children (to be) and support them without trying to convince them differently.

For what concerns the special bridal couple ride limousine versus carriage there are different factors with different benefits that speak for one or the other party. In the end all that matters is the wish of the bridal couple.

Black and opaque windows of a limousine
In a limousine you definitely are undisturbed. (© Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me)

Love, Johanna

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