Wedding-Playlist: With These 5 Genres It Will Be The Party-Sensation

Hello my dear readership,

we all move according to the music in our hearts. But as we unite for a wedding we may move according to the same beat for one night. Five specific genres in your wedding playlist will make your party a sensation.

Fall4Me wedding rule about the playlist

1. Pair-Dance

“The first dance belongs to the bridal couple”, we all know that rule about the bridal couple opening the dance floor.
Important: Not just any romantic song is to be played! Bride and groom should latest at this point – when the wedding playlist is created – have a common couple-song together. One that makes them remember a special moment in their life together or a song they both like or have discovered and found to their liking together. On a big wedding party bride and groom might have as well prepared a wedding-dance performance.
But as every wedding awakens the romantic feelings of the even most rusty couples you can play more than one romantic pair-dance song in between of hardcore dancing. For example:

  1. Blue Feat. Elton John: “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”
  2. Kabriolet: “Buona Sera”
  3. Martin Mkrtchyan: “Sirun Es”

2. The Ice-Breakers

You are doing hard on bringing the the people onto the dance-floor? Well certainly they have never heard of the unwritten rule that everyone dances on a wedding – especially if it is the wedding of someone close to you. In that case some ice-breakers need to be put out. Songs that do not let to wait for them any already boom from the very beginning. These songs might be:

  1. Alexandra Stan: “Mr. Saxobeat”
  2. Don Omar Feat. Lucenzo: “Danza Kurduro”
  3. Pitbull Feat. Chris Brown: “International Love”

3. Forever Young – The Classics

The older we get the more the yearning raises to be young or even a kid again. Personally when it comes to big family parties such as our wedding I always remember the early 2000s when we had such parties almost every week, the crazy music we danced to like no one was watching and simply the carefree fun we have had. Sink into the good old times again with the right songs:

  1. Atomic Kitten: “Ladies Night”
  2. Daft Punk: “One More Time”
  3. Eiffel 65: “I’m Blue”

4. Fun With Multi-Culturalism

Be honest, who of you has not laughed or grinned widely at least once when being confronted with another culture? The laughter does not even had to be meant evil but rather funny! No matter if it is a calm “Sirtaki” during a sitting-pause or strong instruments that are basics in traditional Armenian folklore songs that bring drive into the dancefloor you will be surprised how much fun the German part of your family will have with these foreign songs:

  1. Zorba: “Sirtaki” (from Greece)
  2. Abraham Zvi Idelsohn: “Hava Nagila” (the Jewish chair-dance)
  3. Shantel: “Disko Partizani” (Balkan beats)

5. Those Dances We All Know

You do not know how to dance without looking awkward? Do not worry the others will look just as silly as you as all of you will dance the same dance under the songs and dances we all know:

  1. Dschingis Khan: “Moskau”
  2. Los De Rio: “La Macarena”
  3. Michel Teló: “Ai Se Tu Pego”

Golden Rules At Last

  1. When preparing the wedding-playlist: ask your once if they have certain wishes for songs but remember to do it not more than once because if they do not open their mouth it is not your problem.
  2. More important than rule one to take care of the wishes of your guests – I can repeat myself again: IT IS YOU AND ONLY YOUR WEDDING! So your wishes have the highest priority! Do not let anyone throw you off the concept. And in case that might happen always get back to your help in emergency: your witnesses or bridesmaids. In case you are the DJ or rather DJane on your party and responsible for the music.

These rules will keep you from a broken heart afterwards.

Love, Johanna

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