The Mystery On The Marriage Vow

Hello my dearly beloved readership,

sooner or later you inbetween of the planning of your wedding you will come across the term you have certainly heard about at least once until it catches you yourself: the marriage vow. In this article I want to clear up the mystery on the marriage vow. What is it about, what does it include and when do you use it? Here you have the answers.

Fall4Me wedding rule about the marriage vow

A wedding is the foundation-stone of family and love. But the foundation-stone of that is the marriage vow.

What Is A Marriage Vow?

The word itself already teases to the meaning what a marriage vow could approximately be: you give a promise to your better half. However the question here is not necessarily what the marriage vow itself is but what it includes.

Basically there is no universally nor regionally or culturally accpted answer to that. Therefore a marriage vow are words that are coming from the bottom of your heart: a promise you give to the person you are willing to spend the rest of your life with and a committment of love – so do not worry if there may be words your beloved one might have already heard at least once.

While you might already inundate the person you are endlessly in love with endlessly with loving words the marriage vow is that moment where you can officially do that in the presence of all guests, your family, your friends and the priest or rather the registrar.

How Long Should The Marriage Vow Be?

Love is not rational so are not feelings, therefore they can neither be calculated nor limited. Just as irrational are humans that could not be more different from each other. While some are humans of big words some others do not put as much value on long speeches and words. Therefore I can only give you an approximate guideline of how long your marriage vow should be.

Whether you choose a church or free wedding apart from the civil wedding keep in mind that sometimes these ceremonies are held standing-up. Show consideration for your guests (especially the women in high heels) and do not make it too long because even the most touching or interesting speeches can become arduous even for the ones closest to you.

Having this in mind my adivce is to make your marriage vow not longer than one A 4 page.

The Difference Between The Promise Of Marriage & The Marriage Vow

As much as you want to make it fancy a civil wedding is and stays bureaucracy therefore many couples decide to have a second ceremony at church or a so called free ceremony, where volonteers are called to hold it and the place is freely chosen. These ceremonies take mainly place after the church wedding on another day, month or even years later. Strongly religious people, such as I am, nevertheless insist to have the church wedding on the same day of their official wedding day as (spoken for myself) I was not willing to spend my special first night with my husband without the blessing of God.

But apart from that the promise of marriage you give results from the saying “I do” after the priest or volonteer has held its sermon and asks if you want to marry your husband or wife to be. This promise of marrige is found in every ceremony as the essential core of it.

However the marriage vow is prepared by both of the bridal couple separately and is not as essential or even a must-be during a wedding nevertheless it is finding establishment all around the world more and more. The marriage vow is best helf directly after having said I do. If your priest or voloteer has forgotten about your marriage vow you can give him or rather her a little sign during the ceremony.

The marriage vow at church
No matter if you read your marriage vow from a paper or have learned it by memory. What matters are the words. (© 2018 Fall4Me)

Give The Word To The Bride & The Groom

The bridal couple is the heart of every wedding but if you so far have not wondered where any when they are allowed to say more than yes then this is the point to. Thinking about it afterwards the bridal couple spends a lot of time to create the wedding of their dreams but on their big day they are nothing like puppets. A wedding itself is deeply touching and emotional no matter whose wedding it is but the feelings themselves are what makes this emotional and special but these feelings and emotions want to be expressed as well.

Love, Johanna

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