Eurovision Song Contest 2018: Semi Final 2

Hello my beloved readers,

on May 10, 2018 the semi final 2 of the 63th Eurovision Song Contest has taken place in Lisbon, Portugal. This time 18 more countries had to give their best in order to qualify for the Grand Final on May 12. Read all about my impressions now that the 26 finalists are decided

After a pretty disappointing semi final 1 hope has not died. There were indeed some acts I have been looking for. Among others the return of popular familiar faces and artists that have already brought on fire before their performance already. In addition there is always the looking-forward and huge surprise effect on the songs which I try not to listen to before the big show as personal habit – because I want to see if my trust into my preferred acts is the right one and the lack of time.

In the following you will know more:

Participants & Impressions

Since I have started watching the Eurovision Song Contest there has always been a fight between myself and the channel: the German National TV (ARD) has given the semi-finals to its subchannel Einsfestival or rather ONE meanwhile but with a satellite you cannot receive those channels and the Armenian (AMPTV) and Russian (R1 or rather RTR) national TV channels as well do not always transmit both semi finals for some reasons. Therefore I needed to get back to the Estonian national TV steam (ETV) or meanwhile the Eurovision Youtube livestream. This is what you certainly call “necessity is the mother of invention”.

Meanwhile with my husband having a smart TV on cable TV it should be simple to watch the semi finals of the Eurovision Song Contest on your national TV and be able to vote if wanted however even with that equipment you first need to find these channels.

However watching the Eurovision Song Contest in German is not a pleasure apart from being able to vote, your co-watchers understanding each word and (what is not able to have when watching over the Youtube live stream) getting know the participating artist. I do not know if this is supposed to be a joke but the German host’s Peter Urban’s sarcastic comments after each act is furthermore insulting cynism. It is hard not to freak out after each comment.

Nevertheless I could manage to have my judgement on the artists of the semi final 2:

  1. Norway – Alexander Rybak “That’s How You Write A Song”: A perfect intro to the semi final 2. Very funky and up to date to the charts of today but but lots of charm we know and love about Alexander Rybak and no(!) he has not disappointed us! He had his partner, the violin as well back on stage. Very funny and adorable the whole concept.
  2. Romania – The Humans “Goodbye”: The lead singer was not only beautiful in her purple dress but as well had an impressive voice. Even if it was rather silent it was strong thanks to her.
  3. Serbia – Sanja Ilic Feat. Balkanika “Nova Deca”: It is hard to say something to this as neither the performance nor the song itself were as outstanding.
  4. San Marino – Jessika Feat. Jennifer Brening “Who We Are”: Jessika looked like she could be a part of High School Musical but it was very good she teamed up with the rapper Jennifer. That was pepp for the song.
  5. Denmark – Rasmussen “Higher Ground”: In short: from a viking like him I would have a more Lordi-like song than a silent weakness.
  6. Russia – Julia Samoylova “I Won’t Break”: I am very happy that Julia has had her chance to sing on the Eurovision stage. Even though I prefered her last year’s entry a little bit more her song was very touching and powerful.
  7. Moldova – DoReDoS “My Lucky Day”: This song, the performance the stage, oh my god they are simply amazing with the band dressed in the colours of their flag and what I especially love the retro style. The only thing that makes me angry in this context is that the head of the Russian delegation Filip Kirkorov has supported Moldova with his musician skills and once again proves himself as traitor to his nation.

    Eurovision 2018 Moldova
  8. The Netherlands – Waylon “Outlaw In ‘Em”: Waylon solo is the best that could have happened to him. I very much loved his rock-song and love his style! Even though one might argue about the leo-print-coat.

    Eurovision 2018 The Netherlands
  9. Australia – Jessica Mauboy “We Got Love”: This year I am truly disappointed by Australia. Jessica was like: she wanted but she could not.
  10. Georgia – Ethno Jazz Band Iriao “For You”: Some of the boys were scary indeed and in all the song was too serious.
  11. Poland – Gromee Feat. Lukas Meijer “Light Me Up”: The Polish boys reminded me of JOWST of last year’s Norweign entry. They were really cool bringing up great tunes!
  12. Malta – Christabelle “Taboo”: Malta put on a very strong performance in the night of yesterday! One of the best acts by Malta I have ever seen!
  13. Hungary – AWS “Viszlat Nyar”: What was missing Denmark was way too much with Hungary, sadly for bad.
  14. Latvia – Laura Rizotto “Funny Girl”: WOW! Just b-r-e-a-t-h-t-a-k-i-n-g! She was a Bond girl bringing on world class from the westside. A very noble woman bearing incredibly great fire.

    Eurovision 2018 Latvia
  15. Sweden – Benjamin Ingrosso “Dance You Off”: He was a mix of Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber. Luckily he brought on rather the Timberlake.
  16. Montenegro – Vanja Radovanovic “Inje”: Montenegro was not very strong this year. It went under for my taste thus the colorful bright outfits.
  17. Slovenia – Lea Sirk “Hvala Ne!”: It was a cool song but – I do not know – somehow her face and facial impressions disturbed me. She would have suited better in a rocky genre.
  18. Ukraine – MELOVIN “Under The Ladder”: Even though on the first sight it looks like he has a problem he is amazing! The fire and drama on the stage were incredibly cool and his style in addition unbeatable!

Grand Final Qualifiers V.S. My Personal Qualifiers

Just like in semi final 1 one shock after the other followed as many of my favorites were not announced to theGrand Final with a little bit of praying some of them were rescued to the boat of the 26 artists singing in the Grand Final on Saturday night.

The 10 finalists of semi final 1:

  1. Serbia
  2. Moldova
  3. Hungary
  4. Ukraine
  5. Sweden
  6. Australia
  7. Norway
  8. Denmark
  9. Slovenia
  10. The Netherlands

My top 10 to qualify:

  1. Norway
  2. Romania
  3. San Marino
  4. Russia
  5. Moldova
  6. The Netherlands
  7. Poland
  8. Malta
  9. Latvia
  10. Ukraine

Despite all disappointments a true Eurovision passionate will never stop watching and being a part of the most popular music show. I am very excited about the Grand Final and have many people to cheer for.

Love, Johanna


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