Bridal Bouquet: The Most Important Flowers

Hello my beloved readership,

the bridal bouquet doublessly includes the most important flowers in the life of a woman. Florists therefore love to drive the prizes into the highest possible. In the following I have some tricky tips for you how to get a beautiful bridal bouquet for your wedding and save some money in addition.

Wedding rule about the bridal bouquet

Bridal Bouquet – Which One Would You Like?

Even the most organized person in this world is sometimes just standing there having simply no idea. Then qustions come up such as “what do I want?”, “what should I do” and in the case of an already very emotionally loaded bride-to-be “which flowers should it be?!”.

I can calm you brides that you can – in this case – just lean back and concentrate on other things. Besides from that you already have enough to think of and organize together with your bridesmaid(s), family and witness.

You are panic-stricken wondering why? Well, traditionally your groom is to surprise you with the that important flower bouquet therefore it is given the advice to buy or rather order the flower bouquet with the bride’s mother, bridesmaid or witness as they know how the dress and acccessories will look like. Like this it will suit the dress and brides’s whole outfit. Sadly there is a catch, you would need to know about this tradition in order to go according to that. But do not worry, if you love surprises but as well to have the control on the most important day of your life you will be surprised enough. Especially when two different cultures with different traditions meet.

Nevertheless no matter who chooses, orders and buys the bridal bouquet in the end here are some general tips how to pick the perfect flowers:

  • pick the favorite flowers: a woman could not be happier than when her man surprises her with one of the things she loves most. Otherwise if you are undecided with the colour but think that white flowers will go under with your outfit then the perfect bridal bouquet will be the one that consists of your favorite flowers.
  • orientate on the wedding theme: since previously I have given you some advices on how to create and choose a wedding theme let us go further in detail because the decorating flowers as well as the bridal bouquet would do good on matching the wedding theme so the colours will not look randomly put together – apart from when you choose a rainbow as wedding theme.
Bridal bouquet
A bouquet in purple and white. I bought it how I have discovered itin the shop and it looks like a beautiful bridal bouquet. © 2018 Fall4Me / Anna Chojnowska

Is The Prize Justified?

No matter what it is, as soon as sellers are hearing the word “wedding” the prizes shoot up and things cost around 20 € more than they usually would. That only because companies know that a wedding is one of the most special occasions in one’s life. People do not want a cheap wedding but the most dreamlike and unforgettable one possible. Therefore they are willing to pay high prizes as they think that a high prize guarantees a high quality and prestige. Apart from that people do not spare cost or efforts to have to most spectacular wedding with everything included.

Out of experience I can say that this thought is nonsense. Comparing different shops and provides you will find the same service or ware for different prizes or even more beautiful items at lower cost. A wedding should never be measured on its size, amount of guests, gifts received, money spent, et cetera.

Concerning the bouquet, florists artifically add more work and more efforts on bridal bouquets and justify their prize with that since it apparently happens to be a special technique. But as a true lover of flowers you will know that a flower is a flower and not any different by the prize.

“If the others are clever be more clever!”
– Fall4Me

In the end, if the others are clever be more clever, do not even mention the wedding. Simply order a flower bouquet for example for a special person’s birthday (so did I). Furthermore I have found the bouquet of my dreams accidently on my way to a meeting in a flower shop of a subway station not far away from me. They have told me to do my final order one week before. That would be enough.

Most of the flower shops already open at 9 am in Hamburg. While I have been in the styling for the big event my brother got me a fresh bridal bouquet.

Bridal bouquet and bride
© 2018 Fall4Me /Anna Chojnowska

It Is A Tradition Not Business Profits!

People may say what that want, personally, I think it is a shame, by all means of companies fighting to survive, to ask for money or more money for certain things. One of them shooting up the prizes for traditional wedding essentials such as the bridal bouquet. The bridal bouquet has a close connection to the the bride as well as a future-bride

  • on the one hand the bridal bouquet was meant to protect the bride with its agreeable scent. As the air in the church back then was heavy and hard to take because of the amount of incense the bride tended to faint during the wedding ceremony. In order to prevent this beautifully smelling bridal bouquets were used
  • on the other hand the tradition of the bridal bouquet has been taken further with the bride throwing her bouquet after the ceremony into a group of all unmarried female guests while the bride herself is standing with the back to those women. The woman that catches the bridal bouquet is meant to become the next bride and keep the flowers.

What if someone cannot pay a higher prize? Does she not have the right to have a beautiful bouquet according to her wishes then? I do not think so.

Bridal bouquet throwing
© 2018 Fall4Me / Anna Chojnowska

Love, Johanna


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