Wedding Theme: And What Is Yours?

Hello my dearly beloved readership,

fasting time is over and the wedding season has begun and with that the Fall4Me Wedding Special – manuals all about weddings in their smallest detail out of personal experience from wedding last year and the manuals are as well coming to a detail. Let us continue with the wedding theme: Every love has its story like every wedding has its theme. In the following I have some tips how to find your wedding theme and which elements of your wedding need to implement it.

Fall4Me wedding rule about themes

A wedding is a dream in white that is becoming reality. This white means to symbolize the purity and innocence of the bride as traditionally the bride has been a virgin until her wedding. But as people so as mothers and young women started to lose connection to religion and tradition this meaning of white faded away, however not entirely as some exceptions confirm this rule.
Meanwhile a wedding has become more than a ceremony, it has become a fancy, huge event. Therefore couples love to decorate their wedding as if finding themselves in a competition with other couples such as neighbours decorate their garden in a competition.

As a good structure always pays off for good you should as well structure your decoration under a keyword in particular a colour or a key-motto and create a theme, which will be your personal wedding theme.

Wedding theme white purple table decoration
Purple candles and serviettes. Those in special colours can be very well found at the department store Karstadt. Credits: 2018 Fall4Me
Wedding theme white purple on the wedding cake
Credits: 2018 Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me

Colour Or A Motto?

The two main divisions of a wedding are:

  • a colour
  • or a motto

Basically the rule is: authenticity is everything! So give your wedding theme a personal mark: this can be your (the bride’s) favourite colour or the motto that best fits to your love story (in this case bride and groom have an equal right of decision). If your love – against exception – does not have a story choose a motto fitting to an equal hobby, passion or typical habit of your relationship. With a motto you can have a colour palette instead of just one shade.

Wedding theme white purple flower bouquet
Credits: 2018 Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me
Wedding theme white purple flowers
Credits: 2018 Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me

Where Do You Use The Wedding Theme?

I belong to those kind of brides that are old fashioned and stick to a completely white dress. Nevertheless we have had enough colour in our wedding with our white-purple theme as main theme of our wedding. However in order to include my husband’s wishes in our wedding as well we have extended that theme by his favorite colour to white-blue-purple. Our lucky catch was that his favourite colour and my favourite colour are shades of each other and therefore basically one, just like us. So this theme was very harmonious.

The points where your wedding theme gets visible are the following:

  • the bridal bouquet
  • the bridesmaid (at least – the witnesses can join)
  • the wedding cake
  • the table decoration
  • the groom’s flowers (and suit)

If it would suit to the dress you could as well adapt your jewelry to your wedding theme.

Wedding theme white purple blue with bride, groom and bridesmaid
White purple blue harmonizing together. Credits: 2018 Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me

That Is How We Fit Together

White is like black – just positively taken – regardless from that both colours harmonize with all other colours which makes it easy to take just any theme you wish. However choosing your wedding theme might become one of the first obstacles to master as couple if you have very different tastes. Remember to pull yourself together to face your own shadow and go into compromises with your partner – even if it is in all the bride’s wedding and her choice your partner must not be neglected. A wedding theme – white decorated – has never enchanted the colour of purity so much as with a colour or pattern that comes from heart and is a piece of personality.

Love, Johanna

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