Winter-Sale 2018

Hello my beloved readership,

the winter styles are too expensive? No surprise, it is an open secret that it is indeed that way as their fabric takes more material and effort. But if you wait for the sale to come you can shop your wishlist without a bad conscience for low prizes. In the following I am going to introduce you to my new in from the winter sale 2018.

1. Sportswear by Decathlon

As kids walking from one end of the room to the other seemed like a marathon and huge obstacle to us but the older we grew we passionately follow our fitness and having a membership in a gym-studio has become as essential to us as having a job.

In the setting of this putting on a good looks even during our sports unit is as well a part of this agenda – who knows, either you might meet new friends or the love of your life there but remember to look good in the first place for nobody than you.

In this time after New Year’s Eve as I had started gym again and realized that my closet only included stylish-sportswear for spring and summer I had discovered the huge sportswear and -equipment store of the company Decathlon anew. The low prizes attracted me, the good quality convinced me and the offer of being able to try out the things and be able to give them back or exchange them up to 365 days made me stay and recommend this shop to others. Thanks to the app you can already have a look ahead before spending hours of cluelessness there.

Sportswear by Decathlon

2. Found what I have been Looking for on eBay

To be very precize and honest I did not really look for long tanktops with lace on their bottom as I knew that Colloseum sells them but not with the variety of colours as I have found them on eBay which has led me there in the end. I was looking for such a top in bright red for my sister-in-law to add to her birthday gift as I knew this was her favorite (fashion) colour and she preferred longtops to cover her butt. Before I have found out that the more you buy the cheaper it gets I have decided to get myself a purple one as my favorite colour and a brown one as it is one of my favorite fashion colours.

Long tanktops with lace by eBay

3. Gifts and Decor by Douglas

Who does not know this feeling? Summer is over school and work have started after a huge charge and that hardly being over the shops slowly but surely start to fill themselves with the first Christmas items – as this begins we are starting to have a brainstorming about whom we are getting something for Christmas. Every year the same old story. The last salary of the year is going away for for three days, critics have a reason to yell that Christmas is all about capitalism and last but not least do not forget about the famous “let-us-do-not-get-gifts-to-bring-out-the-real-meaning-of-Christmas” – either way everyone will stay dissatisfied. And if you think this was it do not forget about the numerous after-Christmas events and birthday to get gifts for.

Smart shoppers like me use times such as the winter sale to shop ahead for low prizes because sale does not mean that the items are in a worse quality but that could not be sold for the prize given and the offer (prize) needs to be improved (lowered) so that the shops have room for new items and collections. This shopping attitude is very efficient especially if you plan to get gifts that are not perishable for the ones you love or yourself. The perfumery Douglas is nearly the best place to find something in decor, accessories, gifts, et cetera. It is my mother’s and my tradition to follow our yearly after-Christmas-and-New Year’s-Eve-shopping in January therefore and within all this we always find many things for us, too.

Decor, cuddly bears, accessories and cosmetics by Douglas

4. Trend it up with Various Brands

Colors, pattern, decoration each year one other rules over the world of fashion – some longer, some just for a season and then they return in a circle – but the trends are not standing still. Of course, according the common fashion icon Coco Chanel “fashion fades, only the style remains” but the advanced and self-confident fashionista does it like the fashion giant Victoria Beckham who was told to extend her personal style with various items more and more knowing no limit. Pay attention with this attitude to just adapt what only underlines your character.

As you will see below I have equipped myself with essentials, must-haves as well as among others pearls which have been ruling the heart of fashionistas of every age and type since last year.

Fall4Me winter sale 2018 clothes by different brands
From above: Lace shirt by New Yorker Sweater with pearls by Paparazzi Striped dress by C&A. ©Fall4M4
Fall4Me winter sale 2018 jewelry by different brands
From left: Statement necklace by Bijour Brigitte Choker necklaces by er-piu / Karstadt Creols by I am. © Fall4Me

5. High Ready-to-Wear Fashion by s.Oliver

A common knowledge says that “the more time you spend with someone, the more your relationship grows” [Draymond Green]. That’s how I feel about s.Oliver fashion as I spend a major part of my life and thoughts with it as outfit-advisor for that brand. You are not only up-to-date about the latest trends but as well learn to appreciate ready-to-wear fashion of high quality and the work behind it. So how can you not shop from there if you have emptied already many other brands? Especially when you have waited for the one or other item for very long until buying them.

Winter sale 2018 by s.Oliver
© 2018 / Fall4Me

Do Not Insist On Only One Shop

Nothing maintains as much in our minds like the clothes we did not buy – I, myself, have felt this on my own skin often enough. Sometimes you have to be quick, sometimes you can give your money a break but never forget about two things:

  1. Only because it is on sale it is not of less value and
  2. there is no better time of the year to shop for pretty, high-quality gifts for yourself and your beloved ones for low cost if it is one year in advance. Clothes or cosmetics can hardly because bad in that period. Apart from that it is a not bad way to save the one or other money later on keeping in mind what I have told you about style and character above.

Shopping can be a balm for the soul and distract you or push you up whenever you are upset. Even if you feel like this happiness is just for a moment there is a huge process behind it as well as a story that you will dedicate your heart and soul for because extending yourself and your style will not just happen with one label, one tour or one shop.

Russian scarves in different colors.
Not necessarily an achievement from winter sale 2018 but something I got complete in that time thanks a beloved friend from my most favorite place to be – Estonia.

Love Johanna

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