Fall4Me: Look & Nail Art Of The Year 2017

Hello my beloved readers,

for the first time Fall4Me on WordPress features the “Look Of The Year” as well as “Nail Art Of The Year”. See what you, my dearest followers, have chosen as your most favorite look and nail art of the year.

Every beginning of the year means strikes for new achievements as well as reviews on the best and favorites of the year. Whether it is the music charts, happenings that have written history or people who have left their mark on the year passed. So that means for myself, if reviews are covered by nearly every public and personal field, let us review your favorite look of the day and nail art by Fall4Me.

A recap of the best looks of the month by Fall4Me
Reviews over reviews, here is a recap of my year in fashion. (Credits: 2018 Fall4Me)

How Are The Look & Nail Art Of The Year Decided?

You do not actively vote for the look and nail art of the year. You do it by instinct. Everytime I blog about a look I share it in my Lookbook on Facebook and Instagram feed. So I do with the nail art I blog about. If you like the look you let me know by hitting the heart or rather thumbs up button having countless numbers of votes. In the end, at the beginning of the new year I calculate the total amount of likes on a look and nail art and those with the highest amount of likes wins.

And The Winner Is…

It has been a clear victory for spring. For the look as well as for the nail art the months March and April have been your favorite ones.

    • The look of the year is: “Wake Up, It’s Spring” – a mix of denim combined with orange – a look I have worn for the Late-Night-Shopping event at the Hamburger-Meile shopping-center
The Fall4Me Look Of The Year 2017
(Credits: 2018 Fall4Me)


  • The nail art of the year is: Another trend that is allding to a denim trend, that of light denim blue or rather sky/ocean blue and a strong pink making the cold color blush  – two contrasts of soft and strong meeting at once and harmonizing as nail duo. As topping there is a little painting on my ring fingers.
The Fall4Me Nail Art Of The Year 2017
(Credits: 2018 Fall4Me)

In the end it is you to decide as I show my different facets and personal interpretations of trends lying in the air. Every story is telling a look, so keep interacting actively to show me what you relate with most.

Love, Johanna

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