Happy New 2018!

Hello my beloved readership,

on Friday, February 16th the Chinese heralded the year 2018 with the celebration of their new year. Apart from praying for fortune and prosperity the year of the earth-dog has officially arrived. People who were born in 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 or 2018 may expect something big and special this year.

Whoever does not believe in higher spiritual forces such as

  • the Chinese Calendar
  • horoscope
  • rituals
  • prayer
  • voodoo

and many more has never asked its meanings or origins. You better start now than never. Rituals, customs and traditions develop slowly by time. They are ancient and created by the culture of different folks, so therefore special and serious to be taken. Those old-fashioned habits have not been carried through decates and centuries for not reason. Once you experience the miracle of a higher spiritual force you never will doubt it any longer.

Woman praying and lighting a candle in church
Praying is important in good times to thank and bad times to ask and apologize.

What Makes A Year Special?

The biggest mistake of humanity is that things are taken so much for granted that not even special things are special anymore. We easily consider things given from life as a duty from life towards us that we deserve anyway. But this is not it! Do not let things lose their value because of a wrong way of thinking or because someone else may be wealthier, more successful or famous or may have already had what you get by now. It should get special when you get it, too.

Some good examples for an unforgettably special year are:

  • getting married or engaged
  • having a (first) child
  • graduating from school or university
  • getting driver’s licence
  • buying the first own car or real estate
  • making a trip far away (such as about 6 timezones away)
  • the entrance to a new job
  • moving to another home

and many more things that make you enter a new stage of life. Last year my life has changed for 180° degrees as I got engaged, married, left my parental home and started a new job (yes I was born in the year of the cock which was last year). This was the reason why I could not take care of my blog as regularly as we all are used to. Since I have more responsibilities. However slowly but surely I am making that supplements up.
But apart from that I know at least two people being born in the year of the dog who are going to experience or rather already experience something huge for themselves from the things that I have mentionned above.

No matter if you have been born in the year of the dog or not. Make something special of this year anyway!

A plush dog as fortune
As fortune we are holding the concerned animals as plush at home.

The Year Of The Earth-Dog: What Is Its Meaning?

As every zodiac sign as well the dog has a meaning, can you, people who were born in the year of the dog, identify with its qualities?

The major quality of the dog is the loyalty. This is followed by honesty, kindness, friendliness, caution, cleverness and sincerity.

Redgardless from your favorite number, color, flower or month the following attributes are meant to bring you fortune:

  • numbers: 3, 4, 9
  • colors: green, red, purple
  • flowers: roses and orchids
  • months: June, October and December

Whatever you need to choose, for important things better stick  those.

“The best things in life are always those unexpected.”,
– Fall4Me

Sometimes Something Special Happens To Appear While The New Year Already Keeps Going

The best things in life always come spontaneously even though I for myself have to admit that I love to have the control over things and hate nothing more than uncertainty in my nature of being a planning and organizing freak. Doubtlessly, the best things in life are always those unexpected and the truth is that you have to let go of something in order to make it happen because the most important things in life are those we do not have the control over. Having this in mind, happy new year my beloved readership! Let it be an unforgettable one for everyone of us!

Couple in front of a Christmas tree

Love, Johanna

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