“Precious” – Lix Malraux Spring-Summer 2018 Fashion Show

Hello my beloved readership,

on February 6th the fashion designer from Hamburg Liz Malraux has presented her Spring/Summer 2018 Collection in the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in the heart of Hamburg. The motto of her show was “Precious”.

The Liz Malraux fashion shows which take place twice a year are like a family reunion, the designer with her daughter on stage at the end of the show, the same host leading through the night, the all-time known models followed by the no-age models, a celebrity guest-performance watched by other fellow celebrity-guests, the photographers with whom you already are on „kiss right, kiss left“ and one fashion blogger known by all of them.

After the show with the models
From left to right: Lia Kemendi, Oumy Sakho, myself, Zoe Helali, Tina Jahnke
Susi Kentikian at the Liz Malraux fashion show
Boxing World Champion Susi Kentikian came to watch the show.

But on this special family-meeting everyone is a model: the gentlemen in their suits and the women showing the timeless variety of Liz Malraux Couture.

Fall4Me attending on  Liz Malraux
Myself in a older creation of Liz Malraux

Thus the regularities on the Liz Malraux fashion shows one thing will always feel like the first time: the wow-effect on the collections and the feelings of breathlessness, excitement and amazement.

The different themes of Liz Malraux Couture Spring-Summer 2018

The new collection was divided into ten themes including the main motto in the final „Precious“: that means valuable, highly cherished – just like every collection by Liz Malraux – her fashion as well as everything Liz Malraux Couture gathers into it; all the years of fashion design, the fashion items which are all pieces of art being a unicum (in fashion), existing once worldwide, shades of nature and last but not least we are precious, the people that make Liz Malraux Couture what it is, an irreplaceable part in the international world of fashion. To that belongs her team, her audience as well as clients.

In occasion of this special motto Liz Malraux had prepared something literally precious on the catwalk:


Coming back to the motto of her show “Precious” – what is precious to us? Of course things we highly cherish but as well things that are rare – such as the outfits of the introductory theme of her Spring/Summer 2018 as each outfit of this theme has just been produced once worldwide – so precious to the designer is as well a limited edition of art. Each piece includes the soft brown shade of nature and as every limited piece of art every piece of Liz Malraux’ collection is documented with an individual number.


Definitely a distinguishing feature of Liz Malraux Design: the focus on a fine, elegant, feminine expression. This is emphasized with the shade of champagne in her new collection. To underline the variety of this elegant theme there is a style-break taking place as the bouclé-jackets à la Chanel are combined with jeans and parkas. Sports meets elegance.

Champagne theme by Liz Malraux
Actress Anouschka Renzi as star-guest-model of the catwalk of Liz Malraux


With this collection Liz Malraux wanted to emphasize once again the timelessness and season-extension in her design. Each of her Croco-jacket and the rich embroidered pieces of her models is created with lots of love towards the detail and trade-art. This perfectioned production takes several months. Therefore her collections are not only precious and timeless but as well sustainable. With the AQUA-theme adding new pieces and colors to something already existing a new look comes out. This collection forms a basic must-have for the upcoming summer 2018.

Aqua theme by Liz Malraux
(© 2018 Fall4Me)

Grand Prix

This theme has found its inspiration in the horse racing sports. So the Cornet-Bag of this theme for example is a basic term of the horse racing. This new form of a bag however is made for all the pieces of this theme created with a certain guideline by the designer herself who has a passion towards horses. The theme “Grand Prix” is left its mark by the color blue. Especially navy and dark navy always in combination with colors that give a contrast such as pearl, yellow or gold, but as well white. It is a very elegant collection touched by the magic of the horse racing sports.

Grand Prix theme by Liz Malraux
(© 2018 Fall4Me)

Summer Meadow

“Summer Meadow is a collection that lets us dream of beautiful summer-days right inbetween of the winter.”, the designer says about her fifth theme. Red poppy flowers stand out on a colorful summer meadow and grace jackets, shirt, dresses and even pants. Especially impressive are the sublime embroideries on the gleaming croco-leather or matt napa leather. A very well thought-through design-concept for this theme with a mix of summer and nature. A very refirned side-effect is that these beautiful colors can be very well combined with different basics.

“Summer Meadow is a collection that lets us dream of beautiful summer-days right inbetween of the winter.”
– Liz Malraux

Summer Cashmere

With her knit-program in the strong colors of summer made of pure summer-cashmere the designer once again gets back to the “nature” theme. Summer-cashmere, light and breathable as it is, provides every kind of wearing-comfort, especially on the warmer days of the year. It warms on cooler days and cools on warmer summer-days. The ideal company for knit made of summer-cashmere is pure silk that is bearing the same qualities. The whole colorful cardigans and pullovers compete with the summer-petals on the silk-dresses. This theme is a happily-colorful spectacle of colors on the catwalk.


Couture Success

“The next run, that could as well fit to the theme “Grand Prix”, basically sums up everything that the meanwhile international success of my collection has brought with it, the designer says about her next theme: Compact collections which are about the smallest detail and everything fitting to each other, a design rich on ideas, best cloth- and leather-qualities, courage to unusual color- and pattern-mix with artful embroideries and last but not least of course the leather-patches on jackets, skirts and dresses that have become the international Liz Malraux-message.

Couture Success theme by Liz Malraux
(© 2018 Fall4Me)

White Meets Black

A summer collection without the classic black and white? For Liz Malraux indispensible! This time she has chosen shepherd’s check pattern on a dreamlikely beautiful silk by Valentino that she has made a theme that underlines the classic beauty of this pattern with the embroideries given. This collection has been very work-intense as one embroidery takes four hours and 114.000 stings.

White Meets Black theme by Liz Malraux

Trend-Color Purple

(My personal favorite) as my favorite color was named the top-trend-color of summer by the designer with the commonly known shade-on-shade agreement with different materials of cloth, leather and summer-fur that have been dyed purple under the designer’s order. The fresh mix with black and white gives this theme the exact fashionable touch that is the typical Liz Malraux-handwriting.

Trend color purple theme by Liz Malraux
(© 2018 Fall4Me)

Magic Moments

The grand final of the big show is inevitably the evening and cocktail-fashion: a firework of colors, that is sparking with Swarowski crystals. Apart from that the patches and applications, the crystals and accessories, the artful embroideries and the simply perfect realization of  the design show the complete trade art of the atelier by Liz Malraux.

Model bride on the catwalk
Something literally precious during the show: Model Oumy Sakho is going to get married in March and therefore has the honor to present a very special bride-creation by Liz Malraux

Magic Moments theme by Liz Malraux

You are precious!

Liz Malraux has given a special thank to her whole team in front of and behind the scenary. Everyone who is standing by her side and lets her dream her dream taking aim to say “You are precious!”

Designer Liz Malraux with fashion blogger Johanna from Fall4Me
After the show with La Maestra designer Liz Malraux

Follow Liz Malraux on Instagram and Facebook for more information photos and events. On my official Facebook-page you can view all the photos of the show.

Love, Johanna


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