Aurora Borealis Nails: Garden Of Eden

Hello my beloved readership,

green shimmer on a black ground that looks like aurora borealis and red addition. This reminds me of a rose garden by night. I am not sure if this is how paradise looks like but if I can imagine the Garden of Eden this way then it definitely is.

We have all found ourselves in the following situation that we have assimilated a frustration by spending brainlessly money or fill ourselves up with junkfood – either way, whenever we let something stop us we do not realize that in the first place we are harming ourselves with that. No one expects you to manufacture a flawless dissertation but at least do not put yourself more down by letting you hanging. Handle your setback by looking for your personal Garden of Eden – your paradise on earth. This can be the beauty that nature is holding for us such as a rose garden by night or fascinations such as aurora borealises. I will leave the Garden of Eden to your imagination.

“We (…) let as well our fellows dissatisfied.”

Whenever we let ourselves hanging and fill our minds with what is bothering us we do not only harm ourselves with that but let as well our fellows dissatisfied as we forget about our duties or do not fulfill them completely which may exonerate them. A sad result may be another dispute about them wanting to pull our strength out of us to keep going while we just would love to drown in our sadness. This will not be an excuse for them because they as well know exactly how it is to pull oneself together because no one will be helped if we sell everything down there. It will be the complete opposite. Personally I have made the experience that positive vibes can be very contagious and that positive people are more popular in their surrounding.

Nailart green on black and red ring fingersNailart green on black and red ring fingersNailart green on black and red ring fingers

New Technique by Mai Nails & Wellness

Approximately since autumn 2017 Mai Nails & Wellness have launched a new styling for nails. So far the studio had offered the following styles for a gel modelage:

  • the average matte, glittery and thermal colors,
  • the technique with glitter powder
  • little pieces of art or jewels on the nails.

Apart from the above named styles the new technique makes your nails look like aurora boralis.

This is how it works:

  1. In the beginning your nails are painted matte black.
  2. Before the actual work begins this black is going to be fully dried.
  3. Then you can choose between six different colors (for example: green) of a soft glittery top coat.
  4. Small but strong magnets are to push the color of the top coat together.
  5. In the end everything is going to be dried again completely. Et voilà!

Since this very special and nearly unique technique has become very popular in a very short time and since it is very lavish in the first place this technique costs about 10,- € more than a usual fill up.

How to make nails look like aurora boralisMagnets make nails look like aurora boralisMagnets make nails look like aurora boralis

Love, Johanna


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