Shades Of Grey: Why Not?

Hello my dearest readership,

“while we are talking here he is acting according to his instincts and saves lives.”

Shades of grey may not be the simplicity of being but they are easy and uncomplicated, therefore they leave hardly space for openness to attack – you can combine them with any color you want and it looks good on every kind of type. Your is maxim: You act instead of discussing. This is the benefit you have towards others.

“Just do it.”
– Fall4Me

You have not dicovered a new world but you fascinate people because you just do it. No matter what you do you do it. The question is not why but why not? You can and you do it – the others can too actually but after the 10th question on something tiny your lust is gone. You make difficult things simple and keep simple things simple because you do not need to emphasize that you do not wish to discuss about it (out of experience I am telling you that this sentence is the number one sentence to drive people crazy).

“Why not?” is the new “Yes, we can!” – just cooler. The difference between these two maxims is that you actually do not keep your word since things are done before you can even take a breath to make a promise.

People keep talking and all that comes out is hot air – nothing – wasted breath. They complain that they did not manage to do something, they cry because they missed to do something and they keep discussing until the other person does not want to hear or know anything about it neither from the person nor from the subject.

Perhaps sometimes it is better to think something through before acting but not if things are a natural cause of action and it is up to you to make it real. It is really not as difficult as you would like it to be to bring you and achievement together like black and grey.

Trend shades of grey bloggerstyleTrend shades of grey bloggerstyleTrend shades of grey bloggerstyleTrend shades of grey bloggerstyleTrend shades of grey bloggerstyle

My look in details:

  • Blouson from Clockhouse by C&A
  • Blouse from She by Karstadt
  • Pants by Betty Barclay
  • Boots by Zanon & Zago
  • Watch by Chanel

Love, Johanna


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