Nail Art Blue & Silver: Purity Is The Beauty Demons Want To Take Over

Hello my beloved readers,

the year has ended and started with the untouched purity of blue embraced by silver. This colour duo is bearing so much glitter and gleam that one might feel dazzled and like in heaven. Imagine you fall into a coma and everything around you is white and bright. Suddenly everything is peaceful and pure and the emotions are positive.

It is not everything gold that gleams but girls love it as long as it glitters and even if men are not as kitchy they are amazed when they see the women of their desire full of diamonds and shiny items.

That is how it is people admire all kinds of beauty.  Beauty is purity that is naturally lying in everyone of us. But evil forces want to take over this beauty and destroy it. Like this someone is becoming a worse person outward for example influenced by negative factors. A victim becomes an offender, pride is looking like vanit, self-confident people seem arrogant.
However negative influences might as well be bad experiences or break of trust that make people mistrust their fellows or an aggressive way of self-defense when people have been oppressed or feel injustice.

Even strong determination and ambition may look like bitterness. I am feeling all the people that feel misunderstood and hurt if people tell them in moments of kindness that they have become a better person or some others nearly begging them to the kind to their fellows. I am feeling my inner flame burning when I experiece this myself.

Society loves to think they know it all and act that way but in the end they have no idea why people are taken over by demons. No one takes its time to realize that no one has naturally been a bad person and understand why people seem aggressive, reserved or something else. Do not put more oil into a burning fire but see the spark of light in every person and never give up on them in order to rescue them from the demons. Bring back the beauty and purity of peace.

Nail art silver and blueNail art silver and blue

Nails Done By Mai Nails

Thanks to Mai Nails for the pretty nail art and beautiful colours. Mai Nails always update their colours in order not to leave any wish open for their customers. An agreeable drink such as coffee or water is a natural course of service with them as well as their very accurate work with at least two different artists working on you.

Visit Mai Nails in the city center of Hamburg in the neighbourhood Hohenfelde.

Love, Johanna

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