Outdoor – Red & Black: I Know Who I Am

Hello my beloved readership,

do you know what I hate more than people who know everything? Yes people who want to school me better about things you cannot teach at all. They want to teach me friendship, they want to teach me how to better react, they want to me who I am supposed to be. For those I have a certain message…

Of course, everyone can share personal experiences and pass on wisdom. What the other person is going to do with it is up to that person. Sometimes no one is closer to you than you yourself. Having this in mind you have to take care of you first and seek for your own fortune and happiness.

“Be honest, have you ever tried to look for the mistake on yourself in the first place?”
– Fall4Me

Learn simply not to let unimportant things get too much into your heart and block you. In the best case because you have enough other things to take care of which are to have a higher priority and especially in the very cold and dangerous winter time where bad sicknesses are most likely risky to be caught. You better save your energy.

One day the truth and clear words are going to be spoken out. In that case things can become pretty personal …and in my case arrogant. A candle is not burning without fire, so I do not. I know who I am, I can take a look in the mirror more than once a day and I still can have a good conscience while doing that. Of course, later on you are wiser  but be honest, have you ever tried to look for the mistake on yourself in the first place? Have you been a good friend, colleague, family member before you start to teach someone better? I feel free to claim, no.

This winter was hard, so is life, but what should you do? Live on! The good times are visible already. You just have to survive this time to see it. What does not kill you makes you stronger. It makes you hard and consequent like red and deep and non-transparent like black. They do not deserve to know you if they do not try to understand you. The more you get rid of negative vibes the more you can shine like gold.

Red black for winterRed & black outdoor styleRed black outdoor lookRed black outdoorRed black outdoor look with golden accentsRed black outdoor look

My Look In Details:

  • Scarf by s.Oliver Woman
  • Daun coat from She by Karstadt
  • Leggings by Romwe
  • Overknees by C&A
  • Bag by Daniel Hechter

Love, Johanna


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