Interview With Katrin Siska: “Now or Never!”

Hello my dearly beloved readership,

Katrin Siska is everything that a modern woman of nowadays takes aim to gather together in herself: beauty and intelligence in one. She has been a popular student at school with good grades, then she has celebrated a career as keyboarder of nearly the most popular and famous girl pop-rock band Vanilla Ninja, after that she has been active in politics and become the director of the Lindakivi Culture Center; then she went on having successfully graduated law studies in Tallinn.
Meanwhile the half-Russian half-Estonian Katrin Siska is the mother of a son and lives in Portugal with her partner with whom she has been in a relationship for 11 years. She is going her own way as blogger and vlogger and has recently published her first book about which I am going to talk to her in the following interview.

Katrin has always been known for a healthy lifestyle which includes a lot of sports, such as fitness and extreme-sports. In addition she is taking a good look on her food and paying a lot of attention what she eats and how she eats it. As a result of this Siska has published a cookbook which has been her first book ever published. That ahead she has founded her own Facebook page Katrin Siska POWER of LIFE. There she sharing her personal life experiences and philosophies.

Katrin Siska Rõõm Toidust
If you want to have a copy of Katrin’s book write a mail to The hardcover costs: 20 euros and the e-book 13 euros.

Fall4Me: Dear Katrin, according to you, what exactly is POWER of LIFE? How would you define it?
Katrin Siska: Each of us has a unique personality and incredible skills to become a superhuman. By that I mean that we have to work hard and go a very long way, but at the end it’s worth it! Go GET YOUR DREAMS!

When and how did you find the POWER of LIFE for yourself and how came that you have decided to share it with others?
Year ago I felt it’s right time to start writing. I thought: “Now or never!” So I created my own homepage and started blogging weekly. Until now I have published lots of super cool photos, videos and stories of my life and adventures around the world.

The content you share seems moreover like a book full of philosophies to become a better person for oneself and your fellows. Do you see it as your positive contribution to society or some kind of charity?
It is my personal lifestyle – that’s who I am. 🙂

What advice would you give someone who is looking for POWER of LIFE?
Go find it! Learn, read, travel, work, fail & succeed until you feel you are living your dream life and even then – never stop developing yourself and your career!

Do you think the food you eat is as well decisive for the mood of a person?
It is very important to eat healthy. A healthy lifestyle keeps us young, strong & happy! Check out my new cookbook “Joy From Food” (note: the original title in Estonian: „Rõõm toidust“) on and get yourself a really healthy, easy & tasty menu for every mealtime!

Katrin Siska's cookbook Rõõm Toidust cookbook
Katrin’s book has already found its place in my kitchen.

When I first talked to you about food I remember that you have given me a lot of great advices which I remember still but you have as well explained to me that in certain months you are doing a vegetarian diet. Just some months later a fan-source published an article translated from an Estonian source with the title: „Katrin is Not Vegetarian Anymore“. Would you like to explain us what you have explained me back then and clear up this misunderstanding?
Yes, I remember. I am not a vegetarian any more, it was just a half-year period in my life when I did not eat any meat, milk and eggs. I lost a lot of weight at that time but in winter I got very sick and started to eat meat again. Since then I have never tried to become a vegetarian again because it is not a healthy choice in cold climate like Estonia or for fitness-people who do sports 6 times a week.

Having this in mind I would love to congratulate you for publishing your first book which is a cookbook and which has found its place in my kitchen already. How was the idea born to write such a book?
Thank you! 😊 This is my personal menu I cook at home for myself, for my 4-year old son and for my husband who is doing lots of sports every day. These recipes keep us full of energy, slim & happy! It is a perfect book for everyone who likes easy, healthy and tasty food that makes you look younger and washes away some extra kilos!

When have you discovered your passion for food and cooking?
Since I was very small! My mum used to cook a lot. Until now she makes delicious Russian cuisine, mmm… 😋

Would you also say that the mood while cooking or baking is important for the result and taste of a meal?
Absolutely! THIS is actually a reason why sometimes the food might taste disgusting when a cook is totally out of mood. Food carries on the energy of the chef. 😉

Last but not least what would you like to say to the readers of this blog?
Love the life you live. Live the life you LOVE. 💜

Katrin Siska Rõõm Toidust Brokolipüree
The second meal I have tried to cook from Katrin’s book: broccoli-purée. The meals from Katrin’s book are healthy and energy-giving because you get well fed without feeling overeaten.

If you have become curious now and would like to follow Katrin visit her blog, YouTube-channel, Facebook-page and Instagram-account.

Love, Johanna

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