Rose & Green: What It Means To Grow Up

“Rose? Me? No! Never!”, I could keep saying. “It makes me look like a 12-year-old girl again!”. And in this new stage of life being married and in my mid-twenties I want to have an adult performance to the outside. Even though the piece of a child will always remain a part of us. “Rose is rather my little sister-in-law but not me!”, I hear myself saying again and again. However, correctly combined with colors of my preference, shades of darkness and not too girlish colors, rose is as well to my liking and somehow fitting to me underlining an ‘advanced me’.

Learning is growing, we are growing on experiences and the lectures we are bearing. Every person, every place, every feeling, every view is information to collect and wisdom to produce into. As a child we collect and accept everything, as teenager we sort out, as adult we learn that everything may be a part of us in some way as we discover sides on us we would have never expected to witness in this life. Nevertheless growing up does not differ as much from the time as teenager. It may pretty much be the same but in a more relaxed way.

“Their cease is their loss.”
– Fall4Me

Not a status is changing your behavior , at least new circumstances of life do that. By now I understand the words of my grand-mother who has answered: “As you grow up you become less sick.“, to my question how come that mommy did not become sick as much as I did when I was a child. Your immune system is strengthening as much you are building antibodies against bacteria or other people’s bad vibes.

Being grown up is the strength to let go and set personal priorities on big things but as well finding happiness in little things and symbolics. What may seem not to care to the outside has simply become a personal shield in order to be strong where it really is required but as well growing over yourself and discovering new strengths and new limits. So what people decide to break the contact for whatever poor reason? Their cease is their loss not yours.

Last but not least, I believe to say that being grown up is reflection and observation. It is being strong in a soft way with the focus on positivity. We know that green is standing for positive vibes. The soft rose that is embracing that color is standing for the softness and relaxedness of the grown up. Correctly combined.

rose greenNovember-style: Rose and greenNovember-style: Rose and greenNovember-style: Rose and greenNovember-style: Rose and green

My Look In Details

  • Blazer by H&M
  • Blouse by New Look
  • Treggings by Vero Moda
  • Boots by Zanon & Zago
  • Earrings by SIX

Love, Johanna

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