Trend Color Green: Something Special

Hello my beloved readership,

December has arrived, “Advent, Advent, my light is burning”, Christmas is nigh, the darkness that has taken over us is illuminated by the lights of countless candles. In the time when dark or rather fir green and bright red are our most favorite colors and we cannot have enough of gold and glitter it is time to overthink probably own mistakes, forgive, make a positive countribution to society and moreover cherish the smallest things.

While people are looking for big things and extremes to get a prove or create a value time goes by not willing to wait for anything or anyone. Some others very quickly forget all the good things that have been done to them as they are stuck in their depressions. Last but not least some offer them their trust as a service of charity and even though you literally trust them your life these people do not see you as more than an aquaintance.

“I will never forget anything good someone has done for me. Even writing me a heart when one does not seem to do that often at all means the world to me.”
– Fall4Me

I would like to know what are these people waiting for? Of course only hard times will show who your real friends are but all this can as well happen with relatives or lovers in a relationship. But time is not waiting for anyone or anything, the case is the complete opposite and as I observe, the world is not going to get better with time.

Why do we have feelings or something like an intuition at all? Either we feel it and know it and pull ourselves together to make it work or we can continue to set a barrier around us and live isolated and lonely. I for myself have learned that I will never forget anything good someone has done for me. Even writing me a heart when one does not seem to do that often at all means the world to me. Because it is one first sign that I mean something to the person.

Your fellows will thank you if you show that you think of them in your everyday-life from time to time. Emphasizing a value can already be a little act just like a mouse can stop an elephant. Some things we will never know so we should put value in something special regardless from its size just like the magic of Christmas along with the fir green(, bright red) and golden glitter is taking over us every year anew. For me Christmas is always an occasion to emphasize my love towards fir green and my follows with all the gifts I have for them but this love should be based on mutuality.

Green nails for ChristmasGreen nails for Christmas

Nails By Mai Nails

Visiting the studio of Thanh Mai Nails is always a pleasure not only because it is almost right around the corner for me but also because I very much enjoy their neat work on their clients. I am passing by their studio almost every day and most of the time I see them still working at 9 pm. That is truly admirable and just another sign that confirms their statement that the client goes beyond everything else.

Visit their studio in the Lübecker Straße in Hamburg.

Love, Johanna

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