The Fall4Me-Advent-Calendar Is Here!

Hello and happy December my beloved readership,

for the first time in 4,5 years of blogging I am happy to introduce the Fall4Me-Advent-Calendar.

Fall4Me Advent calendar

December has arrived and you do not have an Advent calendar yet? For me this would be like Christmas without family or gifts, indispensible! I belong to those for whom an Advent calendar is as essential as an Advent wreath regardless from the age. As my mother-in-law said “in some ways everyone of us has stayed a child” especially when it comes to Christmas. Some people even spoil themselves with more than one. This is how it looks at family Karajan junior’s:

Fall4Me Advent calendar

Now you are going to have an Advent Calendar, too! Starting from today each day until Christmas, December 24th one door is going to open that is holding a pretty little gift from everything that the word fashion is holding.

Two one and the same giveaway is held twice alongside to each other on Instagram and Facebook in order to give my loyal followers a fair chance since not everyone uses every network.

The Rules

Each day I am going to ask you to do something, this can be to follow me on my networks, give likes or comment. Every real person from all over the world of full age can participate or in exception with the allowance of the parents can participate. The giveaway will end until 24 hours earliest. The winner is going to be generated randomly after earlierst 25 hours. The participants of Facebook as well as of Instagram will be put together into one pot in the order when the comment was posted and then the lucky one will be picked.

I am going to contact the winner after he/she was announced if I do not get any reply within 24 hours the next one is going to win the prize instead and the first winner will lose its right to the gift.

Neither Fall4Me nor the CEO & founder Johanna Karajan are connected to Facebook or Instagram in these giveaways, all rights are reserved.

Enjoy it, good luck and have fun with your wins!

Love, Johanna

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