3 Elemantary Colours Damped: Retrospective

Hello my beloved readership,

sadness, anger, a nervous breakdown, regret – no matter how beautiful life may be we all know these days of living a personal crisis for no matter what reason, everyone is bearing his very own problem as a burden in his heart which causes a personal block. The hardest thing in that already hard time however is the aftermath to review us and what we did to the people dear to us and set things right again with an insecure ashamed heart.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word for a reason. Looking back at myself some of these days I feel about myself having been the two parties in a war myself, left all destroyed and not knowing where to start cleaning the mess again. I recognize this myself in this mess close to have destroyed myself as I was driven by sadness, frustration and anger. All I know is that for my own sake I have to stop and become calm again.

“The soul is destroying the body.”
– Fall4Me

No matter what the circumstances are, the soul is destroying the body and once the body is destroyed it takes us human the most time to recover. We need to draw the line as our body sends us first signals, these may be tears, tiredness, exhaustion or whatever sign to switch off the body to stop the soul. To cover ourselves for some time, keep calm and restart.

A new beginning is never easy: either it is a restart with something new or one to make things right. No matter which option it is, a restart is always connected with facing the own shadow and hard work. But a restart from a blackout or breakdown are slow steps to top, just like a color gradiant from a very dark color becoming colorful as well as brighter.

Doing mistakes is human, it is an important essence of life as long as the result is to be strong afterwards and better than before. Sometimes black is dominating the times of our life but as long as we are reaching out to shine in the end turn black into a beautiful piece of you and let people see the bright sides of you along with black in a calm tone as you are fighting a hard time.

I reflect this climax of a personal state with the tricolore trend of fall: coffee, burgundy and black. Damped colors – the alltime favorites that come back for autumn as much as the mistakes and retrospective.

Autumn style damped colorsAutumn style damped colorsAutumn style damped colorsAutumn style damped colorsAutumn style damped colorsAutumn style damped colorsAutumn style damped colorsAutumn style damped colors

My Look In Details

  • Leather jacket by Street One
  • Top by New Look
  • Faux leather skirt by Clockhouse/C&A
  • Boots by New Yorker
  • Lipstick by Calvin Klein

Love, Johanna

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