11 Gift Ideas For Christmas

Hello my dearly beloved readership,

Christmas-bazaars, bright red in the current collection and lights illuminating the darkness and spreading a warming atmosphere in the coldest season of the year: Christmas is coming. Today in exactly one month you will probably sit within the circle of your closest family after having had an unforgettable dinner and gifts under the Christmas tree. In the following I have 11 ideas what to get your dear ones for this event.

As if getting the gifts would not be stressful enough when knowing what to get there is nothing more annoying than getting the following answer when asking what to get a dear person for Christmas: “I do not know” or “I am wishlessly happy”. This is to have an end now.
Otherwise the following list might be helpful if you would like to simply surprise the person dear to you with something he or she would doubtlessly like.

Start Early – Save Time And Money

More and more people feel stressed and bothered about Christmas with gifts being the major reason for that. The overloaded shops after December 15th, the pressure to rush there, the expectations of the person giving the gift and last but not least the shopping of Christmas being a result of the capitalism.
I can provide you counterarguments for each problem I just named. See the glass half-full instead of half-empty. Giving gifts is something so beautiful just only to see a happy face. In addition, why spending all the December salary on all the Christmas gifts when you can find most of the gifts already in October? Divide the shopping of the gifts into different days and times. This leaves you more time, more money and in the end less stress to think, to plan and to prepare if you want to create the Christmas gift or order it.

This widsom came to me this year. It has all started with the gift for my sister-in-law and her boyfriend when I have found the perfect gift for them. When I went to the shop a second time to buy the gift only the sample was left and not able to be found, neither in the partner stores nor online. This has led me to the thought to better buy the things I have found right away with the sorrow not being able to find it later on. Same for online orders: I did not want to risk the gifts to arrive late.

Christmas – The Time To Give Gifts

Christmas is not about gifts in the first place, I agree to that, but it is nearly the only time of the year when the whole family as well as friends gathers together. Why not using this occasion then to show your dear ones that you think of them in your busy everyday life and bringing a little gift? Whatever you have, trust me, the person will be happiest when seeing through this gift that he or rather she has importance in your life. Apart from that I do not know any person that would not be happy about receiving a gift.

Another assurance I have is that at least one of the things listed in the following will be any person’s liking. See it yourself:

  1. A personalized cup : The day starts afters coffe, they say, and for some an evening is not an evening without tea. Why not sweetening these moments of pleasure with a personal cup that as well provides a beautiful view while relaxing?
    Gift idea cup

    Cuup as gift idea
    I have more thank just one favorite cup with my favorite animal (owl) and one of my favorite animes (One Piece) with my favorite characters on it,
  2. Winter accessories: A scarf and pair of gloves is indispensible for winter, especially the cold weather of Germany and Eastern Europe. A scarf that does not get fuzzy for men with a beard or gloves adapted to smartphones for the majority of us to use our constant company even outside on cold days.
    Gift idea scarf with pearls
  3. Photos: Our daily TV-advertisement would not be without bringing at least such an advertisement at least once each time and do you know what? I so agree to them! Photos are always a fantastic gift for people you are close to. When we met my uncle-in-law recently he said that he still needs a photos of us, of the wedding and I forbid him to speak about his gift from us any longer (J). Another great gift I discovered is a calendar for the year coming with the favorite wedding photos of the couple for the couple or maybe it would be a gift for your husband or rather wife?

    Photos as gift ideas
    With 614 photos our complete flat was full of our wedding-photos that got filled in photo albums with a frame.
  4. Picture frames: A picture in a frame with in addition with a beautiful saying is a perfect alternative to a photo album. In case someone has already printed the photos you were to give to the person look for an irresistable frame for these photos.
    Frames with a saying as gift ideaFrames with a saying as gift idea
  5. A noble bottle: This is a gift you can give if you cannot find another good gift for a person. Wine, sparkling wine, cognac… everything is allowed. What kind of drink you choose is the second priority since the bottle can serve as decoration or be added to a collection.
  6. Living-accessories: I myself experienced three moves in the second half of the year. But even without a move living-accessories in the colors the person the flat or house is decorated in are a welcome gift as they make the flat and house look more beautiful and those living in the flat or house would spend their money only on the most necessary things.
  7. Baking-equipment: This goes close to the living-accessories but refers to the ones liking to bake but would not spend their money on more baking tins than necessary.
  8. Good-luck-charms: More important than the size or prize of the gift is the meaning of it.
  9. Gift-sets or gift hampers: If you do not find the perfect gift immediately gather many little gifts together into one big one. For example a tea-set or sweets in a personal cup.
    A gift set as idea
  10. A DVD-set or the Limited Edition of a CD: Everyone of us has an artist or series for life. If you know about this give a special set to that person.

    CD set as gift idea
    Every time the same procedure for me with Lana Del Rey
  11. A bag: Women cannot have enough handbags and men working in the office would need a noble leather-bag for the folders. Such a gift is rather something among close family members.Specifically for women because in my opinion it is easier to find gifts for women as for men:
  12. Jewellery: Diamons are a girl’s best friend and hardly difficult to be chosen wrongly.

To sum-up the kind of gifts I just presented always have this in mind: Gifts are things the people to be gifted would not immediately spend their money on as much as they wished to because of the high costs of life and the value of the money. Giving gifts would be as conclusion a favor done.

Careful With Gift Cards

In case you do not know what to give as gift but want to give something useful and more creative than money people often tend to a gift card. Not a bad idea on the first sight. Nevertheless I and not only I do not feel about gift cards as a personal gift nor creative at all. It is in the complete opposite a gift hard to handle for me since I do not want to waste it on the first best thing. Apart from they gift cards sometimes have a limit or the shops close after a time.

What Gifts Are About

Gifts do not need to be overly expensive, take your time to compare different shops or ask family members or friends having discounts to get their discounts for shopping. There is a big difference between gifts costing a million dollars and gifts looking like they cost a million dollars even though you have not spent much money on them because different shops and departments have different offers and prizes. If you want me to share same secrets feel free to ask me.

A Gift Has To Come From Heart

Everyone has its personal hand-writing what concerns giving gifts. You cannot just give anything without a personal mark because the person gifted will notice it. Give as much effort for others to notice how much effort you are giving with your gifts. Out of experience there is not more beautiful compliment than that.

Like this Christmas can come, can it not? Having this in mind I wish you a wonderful Christmas and Advent-time full of light, warmth and delicition Christmas food. It is the time when everyone is coming together. There is no more magic and happiness collected than in this time of the year. So, enjoy it!

Gift ideas finished

Love, Johanna

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  1. […] Who does not know this feeling? Summer is over school and work have started after a huge charge and that hardly being over the shops slowly but surely start to fill themselves with the first Christmas items – as this begins we are starting to have a brainstorming about whom we are getting something for Christmas. Every year the same old story. The last salary of the year is going away for for three days, critics have a reason to yell that Christmas is all about capitalism and last but not least do not forget about the famous “let-us-do-not-get-gifts-to-bring-out-the-real-meaning-of-Christmas” – either way everyone will stay dissatisfied. And if you think this was it do not forget about the numerous after-Christmas events and birthday to get gifts for. […]


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