5 Reasons To Visit Luxembourg

Bonjour mes chers amis,

killing two birds with one stone – that was what our November-trip to Trier was about but in our case this was five bird: my husband had an important appointment in Trier, and the highest rule for a married couple is wherever you may go (in a long distance) I am coming with you, so we took one week to have a little holiday at home far away from home (Trier and Hamburg are six hours away from each other) and spend some time with my family-in-law for a change as well as attending to the birthday of my father-in-law for which my sister-in-law and her boyfriend have come from Cologne (the four of us had a super funny and cool trip back at least until Cologne which we reached in about two hours and where we could meet my uncle- and aunt-in-law. Last but not least being so close we used the occasion to visit the City of Luxembourg. In the following I am going to present you five reasons why it was worth it.

  1. Feels Like France

    I do not know what about you but personally I think that France is one of the best countries in the world: the beautiful romantic language, the hospitality and the delicacies that look as alluring. However Luxembourg is still a little bit closer for a daytrip. Nevertheless the small and inconspicuous seeming country is not lacking against France, no matter what café we have entered we have immediately been greeted and offered a seat. Apart from that we were able to discover some culinary masterpieces. Just like in France but closer.

    The townhall of Luxembourg City

    Cafés in Luxembourg
    delicacies like in France in LuxembourgMacrons of every color in Luxembourg

  2. Beautiful Architecture

    Luxembourg is full of churches, among others a Notre Dame church itself but apart from those there are much more old buildings for example the library and fancy architecture that awakens a kind of romantic-nostalgia. This made the walk through the cold city agreeable. In addition to that the streets have cool names.

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  3. Cheap Goods

    Luxembourg is famous for a lot concerning money and extending it – even if not in the most legal way – nevertheless the German neighbours in western Rhineland-Palatinate appreciate the close foreign country for cheap goods such as petrol, water, coffee or cigarattes.

  4. Extending The Horizon

    Regardless from the size, Luxembourg is a proper country with a proper culture and proper value. Having visited Luxembourg you can at least add a tick to your map that you have been there and seen what it is about.

  5. Notre-Dame Cathedral

    My husband is a huge fan of church and being strictly religious I am a real church pilgrim. For both of us the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Luxembourg was a real highlight inside out. What amazed me personally was the rule that women had to wear something to cover their head or rather hair while men were asked to take off their hats, beanies et ceter to pay respect to God. This is not usual for a Catholic church even though I am used to this from our Russian-Orthodox church. Last but not least I was able to get very special gifts or rather souvenirs for my religious family and grand-mother-in-law with a worthy prize.

Notre Dame of Luxembourg forthNotre Dame of Luxembourg altarNotre Dame of Luxembourg from insideNotre Dame of Luxembourg back

Pros And Cons To Visit Luxembourg In November

I will be honest: it was awfully cold in the middle of November in Luxembourg. Apart from that we missed to watch the beautiful flags at the main park or even walk across the big bridge. Therefore I would rather suggest to visit Luxembourg in spring instead of autumn. But one week before Christmas time we already saw a lot from the Christmas decoration and bazaar which was fancy, beautiful and worth it. In that case if you are not a chilblain you can make a trip there. In any case we do not regret anything.

Christmas bazaar in Luxembourg cityLuxembourg Christmas bazaar and RusalkaEmpty flagpoles in Luxembourg city

Souvenir stand in Luxembourg city

Love, Johanna

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