Bridesmaid: 12 Tips To Shine Bright Beside The Bride

Hello my beloved readership,

after a very successful article about the witnesses last Friday today I want to refer to an as important but differently important person on a wedding, can you guess it? Correct, I am talking about the bridesmaid. In the following I am going to introduce you to the meaning of the bridesmaid as well as presenting twelve tips and tasks for the bridesmaid to shine bright beside the bride.

Fall4Me wedding rule for the bridesmaid

Is a Bridesmaid Necessary?

Yes, doubtlessly and only yes. The bridesmaid may not have a lawful relevance and is not a must-have for the wedding as the witnesses but therefore her meaning is lying deeper.

I bet that every person is kind of superstitious up to a certain degree since we all have something we believe in. Certainly because of that and because of her establishment a braidsmaid is indispensible.

Ancient meaning

Whenever I think of a wedding and a bride in particular I am thinking of her with her bridesmaid dressed in the bride’s favorite color smiling and shining by her side. This is the point: The ancients believed that on the wedding day an evil soul or a demon itself would try to get into the innocent bride and take over her and as result destroy her day. In order not to make this happen there was at least one bridesmaid chosen dressed as beautiful as the bride who is not to leave the bride’s side on the wedding-day to confuse the demon and evil souls and distract them from the bride.

Bridesmaid by the bride's side
Even on the family photo my bridesmaid did not leave my side. Credits: Anna Chojnowska for Fall4Me

Having this in mind the bridesmaid can be seen as guardian angel for the bride.

The bridesmaid by the side of the wedding couple
The bridesmaid by the side of the wedding couple. Credits: Anna Chojnowska for Fall4Me

How many bridesmaid may a bride have?

Because there is no lawful frame or rule concerning the bridesmaid the bride may have one up to a countless number of bridesmaids – this is confirmed latest by the movie “27 dresses”.

A usual number to have is one to six and rather a straight number in order to have the bride right in the middle of her bridesmaids.

Bride and Bridesmaid
A kind of unique photo of bride and bridesmaid of us. Credits: Fall4Me

But more important than the amount of bridesmaids is who the bridesmaid is going to be. A good advice says that the bridesmaid should in the best case be a family member of the bride or groom and even better the sister herself. I can just approve this advice. Otherwise the bride’s best friends would do it as well but for me family comes first. What I would add to this advice is that the bridesmaid and bride should have things in common and a bond between them.

After my bigger sister-in-law was chosen to be the witness of my husband it was immediately clear to me that there is no one better to be my bridesmaid than my younger sister-in-law..

12 Tasks Of A Bridesmaid

“Would you like to become my bridesmaid?”, with the yes to this question you tasks as bridesmaid begin, no matter when the wedding is going to take place, how busy you might be in your everyday life and how far away you may live or how often you may get to meet up.

The bridesmaid is there to support and help the bride on the wedding day and as well a big help to the witnesses with whom the bridesmaids are more or less sharing tasks.

Check out the major 12 tasks of a bridesmaid in the following:

  1. Make up your outfit with the bride: it is the bride’s wedding, she decides the theme and brings wishes into expression. Ask the bride what colors your dress shall contain. If she does not name one in particular adapt it to the theme of the wedding. If you are more than one bridesmaid: wear the same dress.
  2. Go and buy the bride’s dress with her: This is certainly the most special part of the preparation which the bride wants to share with the most important people in her life. For me that would be my parents and my bridesmaid. But she sadly does not live in the same city as I do. Thank god we live in the age of WhatsApp and other instant messengers in order to quickly send photos and messages. Like this the bridesmaid can be a mobile shopping-company.
  3. Accompany the bride to the stylist: not only the bride needs to prepare herself but as well you as bridesmaid. Make sure to use this time the way the bride does, even if you get styled on your own.
    Bridesmaid getting ready
    Our bridesmaid hairstyle-tip: French braid. The bigger bracelet she is wearing was my birthday gift for her which she got just one night before. She loved it so much that she immediately wore it. Credits: Anna Chojnowska for Fall4Me

    A full hairstylist on a wedding day
    My bridesmaid getting ready on her own – again by my side. Credits: Anna Chojnowska for Fall4Me
  4. Help and support the bride: no matter if paying attention that she gets supported on walking in this extravagant wedding dress, holding things for her or having things ready to hand for her. The bride relies on to be ready and close to help.

    Bridesmaid helping the bride holding
    My bridesmaid helped me holding my bag and flowers among others. Credits: Fall4Me
  5. Check frequently if the bride’s hair and make-up still look good: no one else could tell her that something needs to be fixed better than you without feelings of shame.
  6. Take care of the guests: I am usually used to do this; serve my guests coffee or tea, showing them the bathroom and entertaining them but on my own wedding I am to have vacation from this and leave it to my bridesmaid who did a very good job helping in the kitchen and entertaining the guests with a surprise.

    Bridesmaids taking care of the guests
    My bridesmaid and photographer aka friend (as well be seen as bridesmaid) taking care of the guest. Credits: Fall4Me
  7. Be the bride’s advisor: get a feeling for the wedding the bride is dreaming of, collect inspiration (for example on social media) and help the bride to create the wedding.
  8. Cooperate with the witnesses: perhaps you can share the one or other task or maybe they need you.
  9. Helping the bride to get dressed: If putting on the dress might be too private for the bride there are still the accessories with which you could help.

    Bridesmaid helping the bride
    My bridesmaid may have missed to help me get dressed in my room but therefore she had an eye and helping hand on me at the stylist. Credits: Anna Chojnowska for Fall4Me
  10. Get your usual update: If you live in different cities, it is the least you can do as bridesmaid to ask how the preparations are going and if and how the bride needs help in frequent intervals.
  11. Listen to the bride’s sorrows: Everyday life can be tough, a wedding as well with an excited and messed up bride (to be) even more. Be sure to stand by the bride’s side and help her solving her sorrow. Sometimes even just listen helps more than you might think.
  12. Prepare a surprise for the bride: Something that will make the bride not regret her decision on you.
Surprise by the bridesmaid
Can you image a more impressive surprise? I cannot. The surprise from the bridesmaid with all guests entertained and involved. I even was not allowed to enter my room. Credits: Fall4Me

Bridesmaid Styling Tips

As above named the bridesmaid shall confuse the evil souls. Therefore the bridesmaid should be dressed as beautifully as the bride herself. Nevertheless that does not allow you to wear white or cream as no one may be more beautiful than the bride. The best color to wear is the bride’s favorite one which is in the ideal case the same as the theme color. The bridesmaid may not go without a dress there is no more beautiful piece of clothing and her accessories as well as jewelry should look noble.

A beautiful bridesmaid
A perfect bridesmaid outfit. I could not be more proud. Credits: Fall4Me

The hair and make-up does not have to be as extravagant as the bride’s one but they should not look less beautiful in the frame of the possible. Popular hairstyles are curls, hair jewelry or braids.

“If you have been a good bridesmaid, god will praise you making you the next bride.”
– Fall4Me

Laughing, Fun-Having, Bridal-Bouquet-Catching

If you have been a good bridesmaid, god will praise you making you the next bride. My mother herself noticed that my bridesmaid had hold my flowers so tight that they came right back to her. Very well deserved as I think.

Bridesmaid caught the bridal bouquet
A worthy next bride. To be honest it was my secret wish for her to catch it. My scream said it all. Credits: Fall4Me

A wedding is a happy event so should be the bridesmaid, laughing and spreading happy, positive vibes, dance when the bride asks her to – she does not even have to dance like a master and simply enjoy the day free from restrictions. Because this is what makes the weddinf flawless in the first place.


“Dear M,
before contacting you I have went
through your profiles trying to find out what kind
of person you are. I figured out that you are just like me.
And even if there have been some differences it just showed me
how we complete each other. I had faith that we would get along very well
especially because we are as similar. I was disappointed and hurt about the distance
you took even though I admit I had strong faith that you are unconditionally loyal and would be towards me as well. And to be honest I in my anger I understood why you acted how you acted. But from the moment I asked you to be my bridesmaid things went different. Positively different. I was
amazed about the gift you had prepared along
with all the effort you have given. The thing I am most sad about now is 
distance between us and the rarity of meeting. But I want you to know

that there was no one who could have done it better. Who could have
done it more creative than you. You took good care of everything
that is why the bridal bouquet came back to you. It was overly
cute, that you had taken the flowers home with you. And I
just want to tell you that among all my girls I would
choose you as (head of) bridesmaid once again
and would be an as good bridesmaid for you
We may not have had the best start but I
am happy that things turned out good
for us. Love you my sister ♥
Yours, J.

Love, Johanna


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