Black & Coffee: Balm For The Soul

Hello my dear readers,

these last three weeks have probably been one of the worst in my life, each week I receive the message that a person that was very important to me has died all of a sudden. I have literally cried myself to sleep and have been drowning into darkness. In a world full of death, murder and accidents another bad message from your personal surrounding is the least you need. In times like this you need a calm cheering up on you. The two essentials among the colors provide a first step to the solution.

What is gone is gone – some things you can bring back but some you will not be able to bring back as much as you want it. Personally the message of a death hits me like a lightning. I cannot and do not want to believe it that I will never be able to get in touch with the person anymore, that I will not be able to see anything new from the person. Even more this sudden tear of the person died and myself pulls me down and in the next moment an uncontrolled wave of tears bursts out with every dead person coming up again.

Think Positive

This common set phrase may sound plain but yes, this is my advice: calm yourself with a positive thought on what the person has achieved. May it be a personal aim it had taken or something indescribably wonderful that has happened to the person. You will realize that this personal had a fulfilled life up to a certain degree.

A Definition That Changed My Point of View

I wanted to know how death is actually defined by the saint ones in church so I talked to the priest about having lost people, but he answered to me that having someone dying is not losing that person. A death, so the priest said is an invitation by God so defined as something wonderful.

In addition to my personal belief that whenever a person passes another one is about to be born. Probably the person passed will be reborn in that baby. Us Russian-Orthodox do belief in the rebirth.

Black & Coffee: A Calm Consolation

See the light, feel the light, wear the light. Add a bright calm base onto you that embraces you in this hurtful cold autumn in addition to the strong black.

A look at this breath-taking beach of Travemünde so close to me took away all my sorrow. That change of surrounding. The freedom to breathe and touch. Coffee and black: two essentials form the new simplicity of autumn this year for deep thinkers who want to stand firmly in life and do not lose ground under the feet from sorrow.

Fall4Me black coffeeFall4Me black coffeeFall4Me black coffeeFall4Me black coffeeFall4Me black coffeeFall4Me black coffeeFall4Me black coffeeFall4Me black coffee

My Look in Details:

  • Leather jacket by StreetOne
  • Faux leather skirt by C&A
  • Handbag by Topteam Munich
  • Slippers by Shapó

Love, Johanna

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