The Witnesses: 12 Tips For A Flawless Performance

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today’s wedding special post is in particular dedicated to the witnesses. You were asked to be the witness on the wedding of your friend or rather relative and you immediately agree because you do not want to disappoint the person close to you but later on you realize you have no idea what to do? In this article I am going to give you 12 tips how a flawless performance as witness.

Fall4Me wedding rule about the witnesses

Why Does One Need A Wedding At All?

There is no wedding without two witnesses – one for the bride, one for the groom. These are extremely important since they have two meanings lying in deep history. You can leave out everything else if you want to but you cannot got without a witness.

As the name already says one named witness is necessy in order to testify the wedding and its validation.

There is no particular rule for who to be the witness. You can choose one of any gender. The most important thing is that the witness shall be of full age. Another important thing should be that the witness should be someone close to you as this person will be anchored at best until the end of your life. Therefore my personal suggestion would be that the witness should be someone who is a member of your family. For me and my husband the decision was clear: our witnesses would be our elder siblings.

“One of the first things you are asked when registering your wedding officially is who your witness is going to be.”
– Fall4Me

Lawful Meaning

According to the law for a civil wedding the witnesses are unavoidable. One of the first things you are asked when registering your wedding officially is who your witness is going to be. The background is that the wedding is to be confirmed in the registry office by the witnesses. That is why there is an extra seat for the wedding couple as well as their witnesses.

The signature testifies the civil wedding
The signature by the witnesses is to testify the civil wedding. Credits: Anna Chojnowska for Fall4Me
The signature testifies the civil wedding
Our female witness has already taken care of the mood in the registry office with the fitting music after the announcement.Credits: Anna Chojnowska for Fall4Me

Church Symbolism

There is a similar background for the church symbolism of the witnesses. Basically a church story tells that when a couples gets married in church the two witnesses announce the wedding of that named couple afterwards.

Church wedding certificate
In this little book I am holding the witnesses are going to be noted as well. You will need their full names and addresses. Credits: Anna Chojnowska for Fall4Me

Tasks Of A Witness

Apart from testifying the wedding the witnesses shall exonerate the wedding couple as well as the parents on the wedding. These people for whom the wedding is the most important day of their life are to enjoy this special day at the fullest and not work anyhow.

The twelve most important tasks of the witnesses would be:

  1. A say on the course: the witnesses are to know everything about how the wedding day is going to be planned, add their own ideas and investigate inspiration for an unforgettable wedding day.
  2. The organization: in addition to the course the wedding witnesses are responsible for the organization. That means that in the first place everything shall take place in the time planned, everything necessary (for example money for payments) shall be ready to hand et cetera.
  3. Coordinating the guests: even if it is just a wedding within the circle of your closest family that is tough and a lot of work as well, may it be the seat order in the car or during the ceremonies. We had outlined such orders for our families which did not work out on the day itself which made our planning and time unnecessay.
  4. Coordinating the photografen & co.: what that means? May it be the checking if the photographer has captured all the motives the wedding couple wished, discussing with an unagreeable driver of the limousine ordered or the one to bring the cake – the wedding couple will be too excited and messed up for this on the wedding day apart from being busy with the guests who came for them. This is where the witnesses come into action.
  5. Dresscode: get the bride’s and groom’s bearings. If you have no idea what to wear ask the bride! She is the center of the wedding. Everything shall be to her liking and desire. I for myself can say that I would never and did not ask the impossible from the witnesses.

    Wedding witnesses dresscode
    Our witnesses were oriented on the blue part of the white-purple-theme. Credits: Anna Chojnowska for Fall4Me
  6. Accompany the bride and the girls to the stylist: If you are one of the witnesses – no matter if the bride’s or groom’s – you are a special person to the couple. So you should not miss in the girl-clique to get prepared.
  7. Help! They need somebody, not just anybody but you! Help with the decoration, help by suggestion what to put on the table to eat and drink and help to keep everything in order. My bigger sister-in-law (huge thanks always N!) was a huge help for me and my mother telling us what my family in law preferredly eats and drinks so we had the right things on the table and in the evening during our whole dinner and party she took the drinking-order of every guest since we went without the drinking flatrate to keep the costs in order.
  8. Prepare a surprise for the wedding couple: While we were having our party during the dinner our witnesses as well as my bridesmaid and my two sisters-in-law’s boyfriends disappeared. I was mad since my mother-in-law told me they were out to breathe some fresh air instead of dancing. When we entered our hotel room in the night we have found a beautifully decoarted wedding-suite. My anger was gone as they did dance as they appeared again. (Huge thanks one again to P, N, M, W & M!)
    Confetti and a heart-garland on our bed as surprise
    This is how we have found our wedding suite: full of heart-balloons and confetti pink-burgundy-purple confetti as well a heart-garland on our bed. Credits: Fall4Me
    Heart-balloons as surprise
    The heart balloons have been surrounding our hotelroom. Credits: Fall4Me

    Hotel room surprise
    Credits: Fall4Me
  9. Taking care of the mood: One was pouring the champagne, the other one was setting the tunes just like a dream-team.

    Wedding witness taking care of the mood
    We all know that moment when the bottle of Champagne gets opened. Credits: Anna Chojnowska for Fall4Me
  10. Take-care of the gift hampers: and investigate how to decorate, prepare and with what to fill them if you have no idea. For what concerns Armenian weddings this is the most important thing.

    Some of our major gift hampers. Credits: Fall4Me
  11. Make the announces: Because the wedding couple shall not desperately-seeming raise their voice to catch the attention. They shall look good and be ready to act.
  12. Take care of the bride having her identity card with her: We learn from experiences, it is. This seriously to take gag is important in ordner not to commit a done mistake a second time.

The twelve tips show that it is important that the witnesses should be members of both families in ordner to create the event for the guests or rather both families flawless.

Styling Tips For The Witnesses

There are no particular styling tips to give after the above mentioned point 5. For the female witness just as for the other female guests the best thing to wear on a wedding is a dress. In addition avoid black! Even though black is standing as well for elegance and not only sadness a wedding wants happy colors. If you as woman are not a female type preferring black, navy blue is a friendly alternative – same goes for men – blue is the new trend for suits.

I always keep telling all my clients who do not feel confident in their body that there is a dress made for every kind of figure. The master-rule is to dress and style beautiful and special for the wedding.

Wedding witness brother
My witness: my big brother. Credits: Anna Chojnowska for Fall4Me
Wedding witness
Backstage fun with my sister from the other mother it is good if you get along well with both the witnesses. Credits: Fall4Me

Hopefully this article was helpful to you. Enjoy the day and make the best of it. If you are chosen you can do it!

Love, Johanna


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