The Gate To The Baltic Sea: 5 Reasons To Visit Lübeck

Hello my dear readership,

what would you do if you knew you and your partner would both have the Friday coming off and no plans yet? Grab your best city-trip-outfit and discover a beautiful and meaningful place easy to travel to for one day! In our case this was Lübeck. A small city with a few but big attractions which I am going to present you in the following.

In my childhood my family and I have often visited Lübeck and spent a lot of holidays there. Where have these days gone I wonder sometimes. Now I have the chance to show all the beautiful places of my childhood to my second half. He and I have become real nomads with our common passion to discover cities and combine that with some days off to relax from everyday life. We have started with Lübeck.

From Hamburg you can buy a train-ticket for the neighbour-regions for more people. The bigger the amount of people the lower the prize for the whole day. From the central station we have arrived sooner than we thought in less than one hour. That has made the visit to Lübeck easier than the arrival to some districts of Hamburg.

5 Places To See In Lübeck

  1. The Holstentor – the gate to the Baltic Sea: The first question asked when visiting a new city is “which sights do I need to see?”, meanwhile I also belong to these people – this has probably something to do with my big passion for photography and writing. Well for Lübeck this is the prominent building you find on the logos of the marzipan chocolate companies established (at least) all over Hamburg. The two horned Holstentor.
    Holstentor Lübeck
  2. Next station: the beach of Travemünde – From the central station of Lübeck the beach of Travemünde is already signposted with a distance of just 21 km. But if you have a day ticket for the region of Schleswig-Holstein it is definitely more comfortable to take a seat in the train and drive there. With that you as well have the chance to see the historic station of Travemünde. The sight onto that clear and beautiful beach is not to change for the world. The streets are calm, peaceful and idyllic and who knows perhaps you have the chance to watch a wedding?
    Travemünde beach
  3. The origin city of marzipan: Marzipan-fans, attention! (My father loves marzipan, my father-in-law loves marzipan, my grand-father-in-law loves marzipan and my husband loves marzipan so rather…) men, attention! Lübeck is the German origin of marzipan. Wherever you look marzipan cafés and shops. Even gift sets! Perfect for your dear ones to give with souvenir, gourmet and beauty to collect gathered in one. In addition you have the chance to enjoy an unforgettable original marzipan ice-cream.
    Lübeck marzipan
  4. Must-see: the streets of the old city – this advice was given to me by one of my best friends who moved from Hamburg to Lübeck for studying as a plenty of my friends did. Talking about that Lübeck is pretty comfortable to move to if you do not find anything in Hamburg as both city are very close. Nevertheless the redbrick architecture and old historic buildings with emblems catch all eyes, among others at the town-hall square. A worthy sight for all big city people.
    Lübeck old townLübeck old town architectureLübeck townhallLübeck townhall square
  5. Rivers wherever you look: I think here my hanseatic vein is speaking. The Hanseatic city of Lübeck is just like Hamburg surrounded by beautiful idyllic rivers to walk along and as well provide a beautiful view while having coffee and marzipan-cake.
    Lübeck rivers

Lübeck: A Payable Holiday Resort Quickly Reached

Seriously? If I would not have needed to work the next day right at 10 am we would have spent a wonderful night and next morning in the beautiful Travemünde. Nevertheless this short stay and sight onto the beach was more than a cure for my soul. When are you planning to visit Lübeck and Travemünde?

Love, Johanna

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