Metallic Nails For Autumn: Heavy Heart

Hello my beloved readers,

metallic is the glitter of autumn: shiny, cold and a real eye-catcher on these rainy, dark and grey days. But behind this heavy color there is a heavy heart that has chosen this everything but fanciful color. Find out what it means to stay strong despite being hurt.

I lost my smile to the cruelty of this world. Do people think before they speak? I wonder sometimes, or are they having fun kicking me down? Words hurt more than any physical wound but just like them they are leaving its traces on us and show that we have been hurt. Once the wound has appeared it is hard to vanish it but even harder than that it is to go on hurt. It is not said that victims become culprits for no reason. The massive hurt – direct or indirect – makes loving people question the reason for their love and care.

Disappointment, shock, anger… all these negative feelings are poison for human health. They would never lead to satisfaction but to weakness. Hurt  caused by hurt is not a sign of strength. It is strong to go on, to be graceful and open to the world and keep loving and believing in the good of people and the world because it takes more effort and has become a rarity and not at last pirates have shown us how precious a rarity is.

Do not throw yourself away! Do not give up on you! Even if it has to be with a heavy heart. Heaviness looks also good. You will shine within evil influences from the outside but you will shine. You will shine but differently. The biggest reward is taken, when good thing are given.”

“We have made a change of 360° degrees!”
– Mai Nails

New Studio: Mai Nails

As I have told you in my last article about nails I was going to change my nail studio since the kindness of the staff did not agree with the work done. Back then I have followed one of the staff members to that nail studio since I cherished her cooperation with her frequent customers, she has become a good friend to me and my mother but in the end she started to allow herself too much.

I am back in the nail studio in the Lübecker Street, not exactly right next to the central station but about ten minutes away from it. Since this studio (the former Miu Nails & Wellness) has changed its owner along with the whole staff. But not only that has changed, along with the name and the staff the quality of the studio has changed for good by miles. When I talked to the husband of the owner about it he said: “We have made a change of 360° degrees. We are not taking aim to gather as much money as possible for as less effort as possible but we are fully dedicated to the customer.

That ahead his wife Mrs. Mai stated: “Even if it lasts a little longer, we are not finishing with a client until the work is not accurately done according to the customer’s wishes. The customer has the highest priority for us.

These were not just empty words. I have convinced myself from this for the second time now and I am happy about this change and the fact that there is such a nail studio here in Hamburg with such a mentality.

Metallic Nails by Fall4MeMetallic Nails for Autumn

Love, Johanna

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