Shades Of Burgundy: To Be Complete

Hello dear readers,

the shades of burgundy – from rose to burgundy – the trend giants of late summer as well as the autumn/winter season, as versatile as black and white but complete together coming from the same color however in different shades. This is the connection to today’s topic: we may differ from person to person but we are just complete together.

You have probably heard that sentence at least once in your life – either in a movie or directed to yourself: “You are certainly too similar to each other that is why you do not get along well with each other.” and start to wonder how in the world that might be possible until you find out in your post-anger-state that a person just behaved the way you certainly would have when you started to be disgruntled about that person.

It is nothing new that we are what we are with all that we gather in us positive and negative (or rather negative seeming). Just like that it is nothing new that humankind preferredly likes to point out negative attitudes about his fellows. Thank God (?) one might say? Otherwise we sometimes would not reflect ourselves if we did not point out negative attitudes about others trying to reproduce the intentions and understanding that we would have acted the same way.

The common knowledge says that every person in our life is either a blessing or a lesson. Every person is different but just like day and night, black and white, negative and positive or bugundy and rose nevertheless there is something to notice: there extremely different poles meet in the middle where their common ground gets visible – one cannot exist without the other one. This is why we need our fellows to complete ourselves but as well to develop and improve to form one strong whole.

“Burgundy is still a challenge for many women.”
– Fall4Me

How To Combine Burgundy

This question is asked more than one might think. Even though it has been the color of autumn for at least three years burgundy is still a challenge for many women.

Wearing shades of burgundy like this the best accent color to combine for shoes and bag would be brown as black could be too dark and downing to the whole look.

For what concerns jewelry gold is still counted as last season for this year therefore I still go with a shiny silver. The cold color might bring a fresh accent into the whole warm style.

Fall4Me shades of burgundyFall4Me shades of burgundyFall4Me shades of burgundyFall4Me shades of burgundyFall4Me shades of burgundyFall4Me shades of burgundyFall4Me shades of burgundyFall4Me shades of burgundy

My Look in Details

  • Blazer & earrings by H&M
  • Top & skirt by New Look
  • Lipstick by Calvin Klein
  • Tights by Hudson

Love, Johanna

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