Epilogue: About My Birthday

Hello my deadly beloved readership,

today one month and two days ago I have turned 24. on behalf of my birthday I have celebrated it today one month and one day ago with my old clique and would love to share some impressions and moments of my special day with you to give you some birthday inspirations.

Hardly one month after my wedding of dreams I have welcomed another special day: my birthday – which is other than my wedding not taking place once in a lifetime but regularly once a year.

While as a child all you cared about were the gifts nowadays there is nothing more important to me than seeing who is thinking of me in what way and the company of my most favorite people with no negativity as aim to take.

“Use this special occasion to gather my best friends together and spend some time with them.”
– Fall4Me

Meanwhile it seems to be traditional to me that my family gathers together with cake, champagne and some gifts to be the first to congratulate me and of course the phone does not stop ringing and causes me feelings of joy with each one thinking of me and dedicating me time.
Another tradition is to use this special occasion to gather my best friends together and spend some time with them as it is not easy to do it otherwise as we do not live very close to each other nor we have the time really within job, married life, studies or having children to take care of. Sadly this is what growing up brings with it as catch within many dominating good things such as independence and wisdom.

Birthday at Louisiana Mundsburg

My location of choice is the Louisiana Mundsburg. A restaurant part of a chain all over Germany, located in the neighbourhood Mundsburg in the southest part of Northern Hamburg. The funny thing was that when I called to reserve a table the staff already had me saved in their card index. Even though the Louisiana may not have a huge variety of food the quality of the food through all the years has not turned worse which is more than I can say about other restaurant chains. Apart from that the staff is very kind.

Fall4Me birthday with good friends
Since I have had a dream wedding just one month before my birthday I have kept my birthday smaller this year.
Birthday cocktail by Louisiana
As birthday child Louisiana gifts you with a birthday-cocktail

Gift inspiration

The older you get the more you are wishlessly happy without any doubts. Nevetheless there is always a good gift to give. Gifts are a very major part of attention. It symbolizes that you have thought of the person. Therefore even if it is just something little make sure to have your gift set. One of my girls for example said that it is more important to spend my birthday with me than her actual appointment, that was the hugest gift she could have made me and a very good ideal for others.

Some ideas for a good gift are:

  • a bottle of wine or other alcoholic drinks
  • flowers
  • gift cards
  • pralines

Flowers as birthday gift

Birthday gifts by my old clique
Some little seeming but very fine gifts by my clique.
Creative gift from the outside.
Even my colleagues at work thought of me, very glorious from the outside.
The content of the beautiful bag
If your fellows know what you like this is a huge recognition

My husband and (adoptive-)father or rather photographer of this blog has overwhealmed me with his gifts with things I wanted and needed anyway such as the boots and the watch for our new home.
Whatever you do, be creative with your gifts.

Love confession
A love-confession by my husband
Living inspo
Finally we have a stylish clock at home – living inspo
Birthday gift shoes
If you gift someone with shoes you have got to return 1 cent in order not to separate from the person – this ritual is for good luck

If you missed to check out my birthday look you can check it out here.

Love, Johanna

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