Navy Blue On Old Rose: A Promising Season

Hello my dear readership,

in occasion of today’s shooting location and my husband renaming me I allow you to join us on calling myself “Helena of Hambourg”. Who that is? Me of course, however Helena of Hamourg shall symbolize the feminine fancifulness and elegance that the whole atmosphere and look reflects. When two unusual characters meet things seem exciting as promising.

The best achievement in life is impressing yourself, to do something as good that you are speechless about your do yourself. There is no better and sure way to impress others than standing behind it with a hundred per cent knowing you did a flawless job.

“There is nothing more attention-catching than something unexpected appearing out of a sudden.”
– Fall4Me

Another Things Promising

There is nothing more attention-catching than something unexpected appearing out of a sudden. Just as suddenly the interest awakes by people who normally do not even seem to know about someone or something. But this is exactly the way to catch attention and recognition since surprises good or bad bear a positive catch: they reveal masks or they open up feelings of positivity such as happiness.

The Best Things in Life Come When You Least Expect it

This is not a common wisdom but proven try which is mainly discovered in love when you meet your better half while you have not looked for it; other cases can be to be the winner of a giveaway – the one in a mass or when your favorite famous idols reply to your messages.

What I Want to Tell You with That

When I saw the color-duo of navy blue embracing the soft old rose I realized summer is coming to its end. But discovering this trend for the end of August these soft or rather damped colors set a dominant firm end to summer. This duo abrupt but somehow matching made me fall for the special shade of old rose even though I actually reject shades of rose and pink.

Fall4Me navy rose

Fall4Me navy roseFall4Me navy roseFall4Me navy roseFall4Me navy rosefall4me-navy-blue-old-rose-trendfall4me-navy-rosefall4me-navy-rose-promisingfall4me-navy-rose-season

My Look In Details

  • Cardigan by Comma
  • Shirt &v ankle boots by C&A
  • Skirt by Tally Weijl
  • Lipstick by Calvin Klein
  • Earrings by SIX
  • Bracelet by New Look
  • Watch by Dolce & Gabbana

Love, Johanna

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